Candace Cameron Bure Shows Off Gray Roots In New Hair Photo

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Hair going gray is a highly nuanced part of the aging process that affects many people differently. It is as natural as breathing and Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure confirmed she, too, is going gray, confirmed in a photo she shared on social media.

Bure’s hair has always been something of a celebrity in its own right. As DJ Tanner in Full House, she sported long locks topped by a famously fluffy fringe. Usually, today, her hair looks the usual blonde but in Bure’s photo, fans see she too needs to give it some treatment if she doesn’t want any silver showing. Check out the candid photo below!

Candace Cameron Bure gets candid about her gray hairs


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With holidays coming back to back, many people will want to get especially gussied up for all the reunions afoot. As it so happens, back in September, Bure showed an image of herself doing exactly that, in the process of eliminating her gray hair while also showing them off, as displayed in an Instagram selfie.

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“Just keeping it real- Thanks @debidumas for bringing these greys back to blonde,” she captioned her post, which shows a picture of her at the hair salon under the dryer. Most of her hair was concealed by colorful foil but there was an unmistakable gray presence among the locks even as she smiled confidently at the camera.

What would TV dad have wanted?

Despite her hair usually looking sunny, Candace Cameron Bure is going gray
Despite her hair usually looking sunny, Candace Cameron Bure is going gray / Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency / Image Collect

The response to her post was split down the middle Many appreciated the transparency, since there is societal pressure for women to use all sorts of measures to appear a certain way. One user praised, “Thank you for keeping it real and showing the real us women appreciate it so much @candacecbure.” Others, though, noted it was a bit ironic and “keeping it real” would have meant Bure going totally gray. Tension has surrounded Bure since she explained her move to Great American Family for its focus on “traditional marriage.” When it comes to keeping it real, who do you agree with?

Bure's hair has always been iconic
Bure’s hair has always been iconic / © Lorimer Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Who might Danny Tanner have agreed with? Essentially, all of Bure’s childhood was spent acting on Full House, with the late Bob Saget as her TV dad. His memory is one much of his former cast members carry with them especially since his sudden death at 65 earlier this year. On Saget’s birthday back in May, Bure vowed, “I’m celebrating you today however badly my heart hurts.”

Bure and Bob Saget
Bure and Bob Saget / ImageCollect

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