Can You Answer All 15 Of These Christmas Trivia Questions Correctly?

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Are you a Christmas fanatic? Do you think you know it all when it comes to this fun holiday? Test your knowledge with these questions and learn fun facts about Christmas. Bring this out at your next holiday party and see who knows Christmas the best.

Here are some tough questions and answers about Christmas.

1. How many Americans celebrate Christmas every year, on a scale of _ out of 10 people?

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Nine out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas, according to a survey done in 2017. Even more interesting, about half consider it a religious holiday and around 33 percent consider it a cultural celebration instead.

2. Why was the advent calendar started?


The advent season starts four weeks before Christmas, but many advent calendars these days start on December 1. This tradition dates back to the 19th century when German Protestants lit candles every day in December.

3. How much do people generally spend on gifts?


According to data from the National Retail Federation, the average American spends about $935.58 on gifts each Christmas.

4. Why is Christmas on December 25?


Many people consider Christmas a religious holiday, but there is no specific date mentioned in the Bible. There are also no clues that suggest that Jesus had a winter birthday. It is believed that Christians chose that date to replace pagan celebrations in December.

5. How long have candy canes been around?

candy canes
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The first record of candy canes in America was in 1847. A German immigrant used them to decorate his tree. Now over 1.2 billion are made and sold every holiday season. That’s a lot of candy canes!

6. How many people still send Christmas cards?

old christmas card
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Even though it seems like not many people send them out anymore, over 1.6 billion Christmas cards are sold in stores around December. Many people also make their own cards or send them via email. The Christmas card tradition is clearly not dead.

7. Why do people kiss underneath mistletoe?


While no one seems to know why people started kissing underneath the mistletoe, some people that mistletoe represents fertility. Others believe it came from a German myth. This myth says that the god of joy, Baldur, was killed by an arrow laced with mistletoe and his mother used the berries of the mistletoe to bring him back to life. She then promised to kiss anyone passing by the plant as a celebration of sorts. Why do you believe we kiss under the mistletoe?

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