Brave Woman Risks Her Life To Evacuate 38 Horses From A Blazing Barn Fire

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One brave woman just saved 38 horses from a stable fire and has been commended by the fire brigade for her courageous act. The woman, named Yasmine, received a certificate of appreciation at a ceremony for the Staffordshire Fire & Rescue on August 14th, 2018.

Yasmine told H&H that she is a rider who sleeps in her caravan at Castle View Stud. She said that the fire woke her in the early hours. Had she not been there, the outcome would have been much worse! “It sounded like there was crackling. Then I heard horses screaming. I went outside and everything was lit up,” she said.

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Upon hearing the fire crackling and horses screaming, she immediately ran to the yard where she saw one of the barns on fire. The fire was apparently started in an area used for storing caravans. Yasmine revealed her method for ensuring all horses were brought to safety.

“The roof was coming down. There were quite a few horses in there so I let out the ones closest to the fire, then ran to the main barn. The fire had come through to that and two stables were on fire.”


Despite the horses going absolutely bonkers, Yasmine knew that she just had to let them out loose. Thankfully, an additional unnamed person was able to help gather the horses to safety and not be let running loose. Yasmine also says that they got real lucky considering the fire spread so quickly. She also says that the extent of the horse’s injuries were getting cut by wire, but that’s it.

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As for the damages, one barn was patched up and fixed quickly, but the other will need some work. Nevertheless, everything should be back in working order soon and all that matters is the safety of the animals. Yasmine says she often looks back on the ordeal, saying she just sprang into action as soon as she saw what was transpiring.

“I was opening doors and the main thing in my head was, what if this isn’t as bad as I think and I’ve let out all the liveries; competition horses and some on box rest. I worried I was over-reacting, then gas canisters in the caravan bit started exploding, and I just went into autopilot.”

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Chief fire officer Becci Bryant commented on Yasmine’s heroic work, saying, “This incident could have so easily resulted in the death of many horses but thanks to Yasmine they were saved.”

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