Barber Pays Kids To Read A Book Out Loud During Their Haircuts

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One barber out of City Cuts from Kutztown, Pennsylvania pays the kids who come into his shop for a haircut of they read a book out loud. This is all because of a program called “Books by Kids,” which was started by Jon Escueta, the owner of the barbershop. He says that he started this program to help build self-esteem in kids.

His customers get $3 per book read and it’s entirely their book of choice. Both customers and community members donate books and funds. Additionally, there is a GoFundMe account available to help cover costs.

Why have kids read a book during their haircut?

barber pays kids who read books during haircut
Barber and customer / Courtesy Photo
“Our goal is for the kids to boost their confidence in front of others without fear of being judged,” Escueta says about the program. He says that when these young kids begin to feel more confident in themselves by reading aloud during their haircuts, they will carry that confidence into adulthood.
Escueta put up the first $50 himself and his idea slowly began to gain traction. However, it wasn’t until one video went viral on Facebook showing a boy reading to his barber. The idea really took off from that point on and a truly passionate idea was formed!
barber pays kids who read book during haircuts
Barber and young customer / Courtesy Photo

Where the ‘read a book’ idea originally began

Escueta’s idea behind the movement came from his own childhood pain of being severely anxious and feeling like he was being judged. He is now 32 years old, but at the age of 8, he migrated from the Phillippines. He says he did not know English and felt he was being judged a lot. Escueta says he feels a close connection with these young, shy boys who come into the barbershop.

“The ones who are timid — I gravitate toward those kids,” he explains. “I know what it feels like and try to make them feel good about themselves.” Escueta says he chose reading as a confidence-boosting outlet because a teacher had done the same for him.

Carrie Ann Hamilton is the mother of the boy in the viral video. She says she sees a difference in her 8-year-old son, Connor. “Connor is working on trust and the barbers are helping him feel more comfortable,” she explains. She also says she travels up to 20 minutes just to visit this barbershop because of the personal care the barbers show.

Hamilton also confirms that her son, Connor, is now raising his hand more in class and always speaking up. It has made a huge difference in his self-confidence!

barber pays kids to read book during haircuts
Barber and young customer / Courtesy Photo

Take a look at the full viral video below! It will warm your heart.

“Books By Kids” Our goal is for kids to build their confidence up by reading in front of others while getting a haircut. Plus they will receive $3 for reading while in the chair. About 75% of Adults fear Public Speaking.

Posted by City Cuts Barbershop on Friday, October 5, 2018

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