At 68 Years Old, Jane Seymour Is Proud Of Her Age And Refuses Botox

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Jane Seymour is 68 years old and is feeling fabulous as ever! While some people get a little down about growing older, Jane just keeps on embracing it and encourages others to, as well. Rather than undergoing different types of treatment to hide signs of aging, Jane embraces it. “I still feel sexy. I don’t do Botox and I’m happy to fly the flag for older women,” she says.

She continues, “I’ve got plenty of wrinkles though. In fact, I’m playing a woman in her 70s right now in The Kominsky Method, so I wear a grey wig and have all my wrinkles showing. I’m very happy to do so.”

Jane Seymour refuses Botox and encourages other women to embrace their natural selves

jane seymour embracing her age and refuses botox
Jane Seymour / Instagram

The actress believes that staying true to herself and her image is what has helped her stay with work. “I’ve never had any problems getting roles as I’ve grown older,” she says. Even Cher once said she got a phone call saying she was “too old” to get a certain role for a movie and was turned down! But Jane has never had an issue.

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“I’ve got a lot of great work that is happening right now, and I think it’s because of not trying to be anything other than who I am,” Jane says. Additionally, she is in a loving relationship with 70-year-old producer and director David Green. It sounds like life couldn’t get any better for her! “Life has been very good. I’m lucky that I have a very nice boyfriend – and he’s no toyboy!”

She loves her life and couldn’t be happier

jane seymour embraces her age and refuses botox
Jane Seymour and David Green / Instagram

Jane elaborated on her life a bit more in an interview. “I enjoy my life, my wonderful family and good friends… I love acting, everything I’m doing in my career and I have a good man by my side and lots of grandchildren. What more could I want?”

Speaking of, she loves being a grandmother! “It’s incredible, I’m a very cool grandma. They call me Oma, which is Dutch for grandmother.” We’re so glad to hear that Jane Seymour’s life is going great! And she’s looking great, too, on top of it. Check out the video below for her simple beauty routine which is actually not much at all!

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