Are Millennials Killing The Doorbell Industry?

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Back in the good old days, people would go up to someone’s door and ring their doorbell to let them know they had arrived. In this day and age, millennials will pull into the driveway and simply shoot a text to their friend saying “here.” I’m part of the millennial group killing the doorbell industry. I can’t remember the last time I actually used one to announce that I had arrived!

It’s one of the most-talked-about topics on social media now. One Twitter user sent out a message saying, “Can someone write an article on millennials killing the doorbell industry by texting ‘here’.” What do you think about this?

There’s more to the doorbell-killing phenomenon than just texting “here”

man ringing a doorbell
Man ringing a doorbell / Video Blocks

In response to the initial tweet, one person actually brought up another reason for why they are eliminating them. “The doorbell legit scares me now. I jump every time. It just seems so aggressive now when you could just text,” says one Twitter user. I am guilty as charged, I get a little frightened when the doorbell rings. This is mostly because my parents always taught me to never answer the door if I’m not expecting anyone, as it could be potentially dangerous. But back in the old days, this wasn’t a concern!

One person even pointed out that some apartments don’t even have them anymore. “Funny! Most apartments don’t have doorbells though,” they said. 

The doorbell legit scares me now. I jump every time. It just seems so aggressive now when you could just text.

— Linds Gray (@urfeverdream) June 3, 2019

One person who is a delivery driver of almost two years also shares that many homes he delivers to have doorbells that don’t work at all. This implies that when it stops working, the homeowner doesn’t take any extra steps to repair it. Another loss to the industry.

I can agree to this because we still have our doorbell out that has been broken for over 10 years

— *•.¸♡ 𝒞𝒽𝓁𝑜𝑒 ♡¸.•* (@Queenchloizzle) June 3, 2019

Some Twitter users have even said that they prefer a text in advance so to not disturb sleeping pets or babies. Many pets freak out at any noise going off and babies disturbed in their sleep may obviously cry.

My cat is always on high alert when the doorbell goes. My neighbour even has a key and texts me when she is coming round, so she doesn't ring doorbell. Delivery guys are worst. Rings the bell for so long think cats going to have a heart attack.

— Frances Lyle (@esmelucy23) June 4, 2019

While this normal, everyday thing is now labeled as ‘old-fashioned’ and texting “here” is simply that much easier, everyone can agree that times have changed. The doorbell is a different means for different generations now.

Ringing a doorbell is like a voice call at this point; it’s either an elderly relative or some kind of scam,” says one Twitter user. If that doesn’t “ring” true, I don’t know what does.

woman ringing a doorbell
Woman ringing a doorbell / The Business Journals

It’s no secret that as the years progress, the way we use everyday items is changing.

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