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American Graffiti may be one of the best coming-of-age films of all time. Directed by George Lucas, this 1973 classic is filled with cruising-for-a-bruising teens, young love, and all of the feels of the last summer before college. 

The atmosphere, the cars, the music. All of this contributes to fans feeling connected with each character. Didn’t you feel like you were sitting next to Richard Dreyfus as his newfound and unmet love drives away? This American film was first rejected by executives at just about every major film studio before it was finally successful with Universal Pictures. American Graffiti has since become one of the most profitable films ever made.

1. Richard Dreyfuss (Curt Henderson)

Dreyfuss american graffiti
Everett Collection

Curt Henderson has to figure out what he wants out of life— is college the answer? Henderson is a bit anxious and innocent and finds comfort with his best friends. Curt’s relatable and has an eventful night. With a brief side-by-side encounter with a blonde that shook him to getting involved with a street gang, Dreyfuss is alive in this role. 

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Richard Dreyfuss began acting in 1964. He first worked the television circuit for about a decade until George Lucas noticed his talent. After Dreyfuss’s audition for American Graffiti, George Lucas gave him the choice of either Curt or Terry.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Richard Dreyfuss, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Richard Dreyfuss, 1973, Everett Collection

The Following year in 1974, Dreyfuss played the leading role in The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. The ‘80s brought fans the timeless Stand by Me and in the ‘90s, Mr. Holland’s Opus. Despite being one of the many greats in acting, Richard Dreyfuss has been known to clash with others. The actor battled with Robert Shaw on the set of Jaws and actor Bill Murray while filming What About Bob. Yet, Dreyfuss has a different account saying Murray was “an Irish drunken bully” getting in his face and screaming, “Everyone hates you! You are tolerated.”

Today, Dreyfuss is 73 years old, and currently has five projects in the works. The most recent being Spinning Gold, a biopic of the co-founder of Casablanca Records. 

2. Ron Howard (Steve)

Howard american graffiti
Everett Collection

Steve is your average kid. He delicately tries to tell his girlfriend, Laurie, that they should date other people when he leaves for college. Steve is trying to find himself and Laurie doesn’t think he needs to go 3,000 miles away to do that.

This role is Ron Howard’s precursor to Richie Cunningham in Happy Days. And if you’re a fan of Happy Days or even younger Ron as Opie on The Andy Griffith Show, we have great deep dives for both legendary tv shows for you to check out next. 

Ron Howard Graffiti
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, from left, Ron Howard, Cindy Williams, 1973, Everett Collection

As we all know, Ron became one of the best directors in the biz, leading such greats as Apollo 13 in ‘95 and Frost/Nixon in 2009. The actor is currently developing his 1988 directed film Willow into a tv series, still starring the great Warwick Davis as Willow.

3. Cindy Williams (Laurie Henderson)

Cindy american graffiti
Everett Collection/YouTube Screenshot

Laurie is Curt’s little sister and the current girlfriend of Ron’s character. In real life, Ron Howard is actually seven years younger than Cindy Williams. 

Cindy Williams and Ron Howard together journeyed to Happy Days. Williams guest-starred as Shirley Feeney transforming her character’s success into 8 seasons of Laverne and Shirley

Cindy Williams, Ron Howard, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Cindy Williams, Ron Howard, 1973

She’s been quiet in TV and film recently, only holding minor roles. However, she’s been pretty into theater. Cindy Williams made her Broadway debut in 2007, succeeding in a role originated by the late Georgia Engel. Today the actress is in her early 70s and published her memoir, Shirley, I Jest.

4. Charles Martin Smith (Terry Fields)

charles american graffiti
Everett Collection/YouTube Screenshot

Terry “The Toad” Fields, is pretty nerdy and socially awkward. Terry is the one driving Steve’s slick ride around town when he spots Debbie walking all alone. After a flirty conversation, Debbie and Terry spend the night cruising until the sun comes up.

Charles Martin Smith began acting in 1971 with a role in The Brady Bunch during season 3. American Graffiti was the first of two films in which Smith and Ron Howard appear together. They also star in the western The Spikes Gang opposite Lee Marvin in ‘74.

Candy Clark, Charles Martin Smith, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Candy Clark, Charles Martin Smith, 1973, Everett Collection

Beginning in 1979, Smith devoted almost three years to filming Never Cry Wolf. The actor stated, “I was much more closely involved in that picture than I had been in any other film. Not only acting but writing and the whole creative process.” This led him to direct films of his own. Smith went on to direct the initial episode that launched the hit TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1997. That same year, he directed the hugely successful Disney film, Air Bud.

Today Smith is 67 years old and has continued to work steadily in huge films, writing and directing Dolphin Tale 1 & 2

5. Mackenzie Phillips (Carol Morrison)

mackenzie american graffiti
Everett Collection/YouTube Screenshot

Carol Morrison is a pretty advanced-for-her-age pre-teen who hops in that gorgeous yellow coupe and unexpectedly turns John Milner’s night from cruising around the town to babysitting. It’s great fun to watch. When the group of girls pulls up next to them, the water balloon they chuck at Carol was scripted to hit the car and splash Phillips, however, it smacked her square in the face. The laughing ad-libbed scene that follows was kept in the final cut by George Lucas. He really directed and edited this film beautifully.

Mackenzie Phillips began acting in 1952. Her role in American Graffiti helped gain her attention in the entertainment biz. She later appeared alongside Valerie Bertinelli in the smash hit show One Day At A Time. Fans then caught her on the Disney Channel supernatural show, So Weird in 1999.

 Mackenzie Phillips, Paul Le Mat, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Mackenzie Phillips, Paul Le Mat, 1973, Everett Collection

If you recognize her name, that’s because Phillips is the daughter of Mamas and the Papas singer, John Phillips. Her life hasn’t been easy though, growing up fully enveloped in the lifestyle of fame. For more on the troublesome relationship between Mackenzie and her father, which would become drug-fueled and even sexual, you’ll need to watch our Forgotten Child Stars of the 1970s episode. She has made extraordinary strides in her adult life to become the successful woman she is today.

6. Candy Clark (Debbie Dunham)

candy american graffiti
Everett Collection/YouTube Screenshot

Debbie Dunham was the blonde who hopped alongside Toad for a night they’d both remember fondly. Candy actually received a Supporting Actress Oscar Nom for the role but lost out to a 10-year-old Tatum O’Neal for Paper Moon

Many will remember Candy starring alongside David Bowie in 1976’s The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Charles Martin Smith, Candy Clark, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Charles Martin Smith, Candy Clark, 1973, Everett Collection

Today she’s in her early 70s, and still acting. Clark last appeared in three episodes of Criminal Minds.

7. Harrison Ford (Bob Falfa)

harrison ford american graffiti
Everett Collection

Bob Falfa is a bold out-of-towner looking to race John and his famous Ford coupe. Harrison was asked to cut his hair for the film, but he refused and offered to wear a hat instead.  He was reportedly arrested one night after a bar fight and kicked out of his motel room during filming. 

Most fans know Ford best as part of the bigger rebellion, like Han Solo in George Lucas’ far-out sci-fi epic Star Wars. Set designer Roger Christian claims he added the pair of dice hanging in the Millennium Falcon due to American Graffiti. Ford’s character had a skull hanging from his rear-view mirror while Ron Howard had the fluffy dice. 

Linda Christensen, Harrison Ford, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Linda Christensen, Harrison Ford, 1973, Everett Collection

Harrison is one of the greats for sure, also championing the Indiana Jones franchise. Fans can expect a new Indiana Jones film slated for a 2022 release. 

8. Wolfman Jack

wolfman jack american graffiti
Everett Collection/YouTube Screenshot

The legendary real-life DJ, Wolfman Jack, with his iconic gravely, raspy voice, added authenticity to this wonderfully sculpted film. In gratitude for his performance, George Lucas gave Wolfman Jack a fraction of the net profits. This payment ended up being enough to provide a comfortable income for the rest of his life. 

Wolfman Jack appeared in cameos starting in 1971, with American Graffiti being just his second. He continued to use his voice to landside gigs like on the cartoon spinoff The Fonz and The Happy Days Gang.

Wolfman Jack, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Wolfman Jack, 1973, Everett Collection

The final time Wolfman Jack featured in a film was in 1995 on Married With Children. That very year, the Wolfman sadly passed away at the age of 57 from a heart attack. In regards to his iconic and distinct voice, he says, “It’s kept meat and potatoes on the table for years for Wolfman and Wolfwoman. A couple of shots of whiskey helps it. I’ve got that nice raspy sound.” Definitely a voice we’ll always remember.

9. Paul Le Mat (John Milner)

paul le mat american graffiti
Everett Collection/YouTube Screenshot

John Milner is a different kind of youth. Much older than the rest of the bunch, John refuses to grow up. He spends most of his time fixing cars or cruising in his pristine yellow deuce coupe. The storyline between him and the young Carol who hops in his car for a ride is charming and multilayered. They both put in great performances. 

Paul Le Mat was completely raw before this film. Willard Huyck who co-wrote the screenplay, stopped to pick up a hitchhiking Le Mat when he remembered him from his American Graffiti audition. He got to tell him the good news of his inclusion as Milner, and the rest is history.

 Paul Le Mat, Cindy Williams, Ron Howard, 1973
AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Paul Le Mat, Cindy Williams, Ron Howard, 1973, Everett Collection

After filming, Paul was able to continue his success of working with famed director Jonathan Demme. His next few films were the 1977’s comedy, Citizens Band, and Melvin and Howard in 1980. In the ‘90s, fans saw Le Mat take on the role of Josiah Peale in the great western franchise, Lonesome Dove. Le Mat hasn’t acted since 2009, but he currently has a film in production titled Eli Elder, where he plays the leading role.

Today Paul Le Mat is 75 and also posts videos on YouTube.

With a stacked cast of much-untapped potential, American Graffiti is a forever classic. Can anyone really get enough of young Harrison Ford? Was he your favorite character from this flick? Is this George Lucas’ greatest film? Who out there enjoyed the sequel, More American Graffiti, released in 1979? 

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