Al Roker Makes A Series Of Shocking Outbursts Before Disappearing From ‘Today’

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Whether it’s a closed set or in front of a live audience, public figures always seem at war with a case of the giggles at the least opportune times. Sometimes, they have a character’s persona to maintain; others, they need to stay professional for the crowd. That shouldn’t be too hard if everyone is staying mature. But Al Roker seems determined to get his Today colleagues to break their professional bearing, prompting a series of very suggestive jokes from the meteorologist.

This has seen Roker shout some movie lines out when others are speaking and even throwing around some very suggestive comments and outright innuendo – even when talking about something as unassuming as airplane seats. Then, after firing off these off-script comments, he was suddenly absent from Today. Why?

Al Roker has been cracking some loud and suggestive jokes relentlessly at work lately

Al Roker has been causing his colleagues to laugh live on air with his jokes and outbursts
Al Roker has been causing his colleagues to laugh live on air with his jokes and outbursts / Henry McGee-Globe Photos, Inc. 2012 / ImageCollect

Today viewers may have noticed Roker being particularly relentless with the jokes lately. The crew was discussing the upcoming Christmas Story sequel, which once again follows Ralphie, played by Peter Billingsley, on the quest to give his kids the most special Christmas ever. Carson Daly covered news about the holiday film, including release date and some early footage. That’s when Roker suddenly cut in.

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Right in the middle of Daly’s report, Roker could be heard giving an emphatic shout of “Bumpuses!” Daly carried on with the report as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Craig Melvin let their laughter sound loud for all to hear, completely disrupted by the outburst. Roker hasn’t stopped there, though, and only taking personal time off silenced his nefarious joking streak.

After these unscripted comments and jokes, Roker was completely absent from the studio

TODAY, (aka THE TODAY SHOW), Al Roker (aired January 4, 2013), 1952-, ph: Peter Kramer/©NBC/courtesy Everett Collection

On an earlier Thursday episode, the Today crew talked about domestic and international travel, as Americans prepare to travel for the holidays. Seating on airplanes was a big topic, since the face of travel has transformed a lot in recent years. “Getting ready for travel for the holidays. A frequent complaint of flyers is shrinkage in airline seats,” Roker joked. Melvin picked up on the potential double-meaning behind the work “shrinkage” and quoted Seinfeld by shouting, “The shrinkage, Jerry!” Roker echoed the reference, and Melvin, like Guthrie and Kotb before, didn’t have a chance to catch his breath as Roker didn’t stop, but rather doubled down on the innuendo, “Several senators want the FAA to put a stop to the shrinkage.”


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They got some breaks from Roker the joker when the meteorologist, usually a very frequent sight on the program, was suddenly nowhere to be found. Answers were pretty limited on the show too; at one point, Sheinelle Jones opened the third hour of Today by simply explaining, “Al is off.” That’s because he took some vacation time, most of it spent in a celebratory setting with his family. Roker and his wife, ABC news correspondent Deborah Roberts, attended a wedding in Charleston for their niece Asia. “Such an honor to be at the wedding of the now Mrs. Asia Spellman Boyet in Charleston, SC this weekend,” Roker captioned the post, showing Asia bedecked in a slim, lacy wedding dress and ornate silver circlet, framed by her aunt and uncle. Congratulations!

Weather reporter Al Roker
Weather reporter Al Roker / Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency / ImageCollect

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