A Complete List Of Stores Closing By The End Of 2020

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Sadly, the in-store shopping experience may be coming to an end for those who are nostalgic for it or simply prefer to shop in-store. Digital shopping services such as Amazon are dominating right now, causing many brick-and-mortar stores to, unfortunately, go out of business. Since 2017 alone, we’ve seen over 20,000 businesses close their doors, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady.

In addition to the coronavirus pandemic causing a major drop in sales, this has only caused a greater struggle for the already-suffering stores. Here’s a complete list of the stores closing by the end of 2020.

1. Pier 1 Imports

stores closing by the end of 2020
Pier 1 Imports / Wikimedia Commons

Pier 1 Imports originally announced they would only be closing half their stories back in May. However, they later decided to close all 950 stores.

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2. Stage Stores (Gordmans, Bealls, and Goody’s)

stores closing by the end of 2020
Gordman’s / Wikimedia Commons

After filing bankruptcy, Stage Stores closed all 700+ locations.

3. Papyrus

Papyrus filed bankruptcy back in January and later announced that they would close a total of 254 stores by the end of 2020.

4. Victoria’s Secret

stores closing by the end of 2020
Victoria’s Secret / Wikimedia Commons

Sycamore Partners was supposed to buy 55% of Victoria’s Secret in January 2020 but backed out of the deal, causing Victoria’s Secret to close 250 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

5. GAP

stores closing by the end of 2020
GAP / Wikimedia Commons

Back in February 2019, GAP announced that about 230 stores would close before February 2021.

6. Walgreen’s Pharmacy

stores closing end of 2020
Walgreens / Wikimedia Commons

Last August, as part of a cost-cutting program, Walgreen’s Pharmacy announced that they would close about 200 locations.

7. JCPenney

stores closing end of 2020
JCPenney / Flickr

JCPenney has been announcing closures for a while now, so it seems like they’re on pace for a pretty rapid decline and closure. They filed bankruptcy in May and they plan to shut down 154 more stores before the end of the year.

8. A.C. Moore

stores closing end of 2020
A.C. Moore / Wikimedia Commons

The beloved crafts store will be closing about 145 locations. Some of them did come back as Michael’s Craft stores because they bought some of the A.C. Moore locations.

9. Macy’s

stores closing
Macy’s / Wikimedia Commons

Macy’s will be closing about 125 mall locations. They plan to ultimately close one-fifth of their department stores.

10. Office Depot

stores closing
Office Depot / Wikimedia Commons

Office Depot plans to close around 90 locations by 2021.

11. Express


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The fashion store will be closing 66 locations this year, which includes the 31 Express stores that closed earlier this year.

12. Bed Bath & Beyond

stores closing
Bed Bath & Beyond / Wikimedia Commons

Ugh, say it isn’t so. Bed Bath & Beyond will close 63 store closures by the end of 2020, including 20 more closures from their other chain stores including Cost Plus World Market, and buybuy BABY. On top of all that, Bed Bath & Beyond plans to close another 200 locations over the next two years.

13. Sears

stores closing end of 2020
Sears / Wikimedia Commons

Another one that has been enduring a slow and steady decline. Sears will be closing another 51 locations after filing bankruptcy in December last year.

14. Bath & Body Works

stores closing
Bath & Body Works / Wikimedia Commons

A total of 50 closures were planned for Bath & Body Works in 2020.

15. Kmart

stores closing
Kmart / Flickr

Kmart experienced 50 more store closures this year after filing bankruptcy nearly two decades ago. There are now just a few left in existence.

16. Lord & Taylor

stores closing
Lord & Taylor / Wikipedia

After several years of suffering, Lord & Taylor closed all 38 store locations. The coronavirus pandemic was the leading cause behind the final closure of one of the oldest department stores in the U.S.

17. Chuck E. Cheese

stores closing
Chuck E. Cheese / Wikimedia Commons

A nostalgic childhood treasure, Chuck E. Cheese will be closing 34 of its locations. Business has been extremely minimal since the pandemic began despite utilizing delivery services like GrubHub.

18. CVS Pharmacy

stores closing
CVS Pharmacy / Wikimedia Commons

Make sure your prescriptions are set to be delivered to a pharmacy in-business! CVS closed about 46 stores last year and plans to close another 22 locations this year.

19. Neiman Marcus

stores closing end of 2020
‘Last Call’ Neiman Marcus / Wikimedia Commons

After filing bankruptcy in May, Neiman Marcus is closing the majority of their 22 Last Call stores.

20. Nordstrom

stores closing
Nordstrom / Wikimedia Commons

Another beloved department store, they intend to close 16 locations this year.

21. Hallmark

stores closing
Hallmark / Geograph

An estimate of 16 Hallmark locations will close this year.

22. Walmart

stores closing
Walmart / Wikimedia Commons

Walmart is one of the stores still doing fairly well right now, but they still closed 2 locations back in March.

23. Bloomingdale’s

stores closing
Bloomingdale’s / Wikimedia Commons

Bloomingdale’s only has 35 locations, and only one made the literal cut in 2020.

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