9 Super Easy Fixes For Toilet Issues In Your Bathroom

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If you own a home, you know that there are so many things that could go wrong. In your bathroom especially, the toilet can cause a lot of problems. You may also know that hiring a plumber is not cheap! Plumbers can cost around $100 per hour. If you have a minor issue, you may want to learn how to fix it yourself without the help of a professional.

Here are some easy fixes for toilet troubles. Save this for the next time your toilet acts up!

 1. Remove stains from the toilet bowl

toilet stains

If your toilet bowl is full of stains, try this interesting hack. Kool-Aid is actually perfect for removing those hard to clean stains in your toilet. Pour the powder inside the bowl. Then let it soak overnight. Flush it in the morning and those pesky stains will be gone!

2. Stop wasting water and fix a weak flush

Wikimedia Commons

If you have a weak flush, it can waste a lot of water and make your water bill higher. The fix for this is pretty easy. Find the float in the toilet tank first. Adjust it higher so more water will be able to fill the tank. To think you almost hired someone to do this…

3. Clean and unclog the jets

toilet seat
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Do you ever see those pink lines in your toilet bowl? This might mean the jets, which flush and rinse the bowl, are clogged. This is normal. Before bed, duct tape the jets and pour white vinegar in the tank. Let sit overnight and it should unclog the jets.

4. Fix a broken handle

toilet handle
Wikimedia Commons

The handle you use to flush the toilet will break over time. You simply need to tighten the screw, which you can find inside the tank.

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