’80s Show ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Getting A Reboot, Watch The Official Trailer Here

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  • ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is getting a reboot for its 15th season.
  • It’s coming back to Netflix and has officially premiered as of July 1st, 2020.
  • Watch the teaser trailer here!


It’s official. The original Unsolved Mysteries show is coming back with a reboot! The show first aired in 1987 and would continue through 2010 with some disconnected reboots over the years. But now it’s back and it’s coming to Netflix for everyone to see. There is even a new trailer out to give fans an idea of what to expect!

From what it sounds like in reports, it looks to be staying true to the original since it’s just an addition to its present seasons. Mashable says that the new reboot will “cover similar ground as the original, showcasing cold cases of missing and disappeared individuals as well as first person account of paranormal phenomena.”

Are you ready to delve back into ‘Unsolved Mysteries’?

unsolved mysteries getting a reboot
‘Unsolved Mysteries’ / NBC/CBS

The show was originally created by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer. It documented cold cases and paranormal phenomena, beginning as a series of seven specials. The hosts include  Raymond Burr, Karl Malden, and Robert Stack first beginning on January 20th, 1987. It wouldn’t become a full-blown series until October 5th, 1988, hosted only by Stack. The show would go on to gain revivals on CBS, Lifetime, and later on Spike, but all eventually came to an end by April 27th, 2010.

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As of 2017, the show actually has an official YouTube page where fans can submit their own stories. If chosen, the YouTube channel will post a video of the viewer describing their story. Now, as of July 1st, 2020, the new show has premiered on Netflix with its 15th season. So, if you have a Netflix account, it’s definitely worth adding to your list of things to watch!

unsolved mysteries back with a reboot
‘Unsolved Mysteries’ / Giphy

Not going to lie to you all, this trailer looks pretty intense and I’m definitely going to be watching this new season! Check out the official trailer below and let us know if you’ll be watching it, too!

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