8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes

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mcdonaldkroc 8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes
Advertising and athletes are symbiotic organisms that feed off the supple flesh of the impressionable young. After all, advertisers use recognizable and positively influential faces to sell their goods, and athletes like money. Together, they form a team of crushing product pressure the likes of which the world cannot hope to resist. On April 15th, 1955, McDonald’s opened its first location, and since then has branded themselves so effectively that man, similar to Pavlov’s dog, cannot see the capital letter “M” next to a lower-case “c” without his mouth watering profusely. One method McDonald’s has used is naming burgers after superstar athletes—a perfect storm of brand plus pleasure. Today, on founder Ray Kroc’s birthday DYR looks back at some of the company’s burgers named after athletes.

1. The McJordan Special: Michael Jordan

mcjordan signage 8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes

Named after Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan, this was a Quarter Pounder beef patty with bacon, onions, pickles, American cheese and special “McJordan BBQ” sauce.

2. The Barry Burger: Barry Sanders

Sold mainly in Detroit Lion Barry Sanders’ home state of Kansas, this double bacon cheeseburger featured onions and barbecue sauce.

3. Big 33: Larry Bird

mcdonalds larry bird 8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes

The Big 33, named after Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird, was very similar to the McJordan. Both the Big 33 and the McJordan were released at the same time.

4. Jason Kidd Burger: Jason Kidd

Named after celebrated basketball point guard Jason Kidd, this sandwich consists of three beef patties, two slices of American cheese, crisp lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

5. The MDP: Michael Dean Perry

McDonald’s largest sandwich at the time, this burger—named after Cleveland Browns defensive lineman and six time Pro Bowler Michael Dean Perry—was basically a Big Mac with an extra patty and bacon. It was only available in metro Cleveland.

6. Boselli Burger: Tony Boselli

Boselli Burger 8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes

Named after Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Tony Boselli, this sandwich featured three patties on the McRib bun. McDonald’s introduced this product in retaliation to Burger King’s advertising campaign featuring Ben Coleman and Mark Brunell.

7. Thome Triple: Jim Thome

Thome Triple 8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes

Three patties, two slices of cheese (one white, one yellow), mayo, tomatoes, onions and lettuce went into this burger, named after Cleveland Indians first baseman Jim Thome.

8. The Beef Wennington: Bill Wennington

Beef Wennington 8 McDonald’s Burgers Named After Athletes

Named after Chicago Bulls center Bill Wennington, this burger featured cheese, Canadian bacon, barbecue sauce and diced onions. There is a Facebook group dedicated to bringing this burger back.


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