8 Interesting Facts About People Born In September

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Do you have a birthday in September? September has been named the most popular birthday month. According to birth data, mid-September is the most packed with birthdays. This dates conception times to late December and early January, which makes sense with holidays and snuggling in cold weather.

Want to learn some other interesting facts about those with September birthdays?

1. They excel in their studies


Studies have suggested that people who are born in September are more likely to excel in school. Many September babies hit developmental goals earlier in life and they are 20% more likely to get into the best of the best schools.

2. They might weigh less


Do you find that you naturally weigh less and you are born in September? Some studies show that people in September weigh less, but it isn’t really proven.

3. They might be more irritable


Do you believe in astrology and personality quirks based on when you were born? If you do, some believe that September babies born during the fall have lower levels of depression, but they can be very irritable. Do you find this to be true?

Other personality quirks for Virgos are that they are loyal, detail-oriented and may be shy. If you are a Libra, you might be social and an excellent problem solver.

4. They’re tall


Studies show that babies born in late summer or early fall might be taller than others. This could be partly because of the higher levels of vitamin D that their mothers were exposed to before the birth. Studies have also shown that they might have stronger bones, which could also be an effect of that extra vitamin D.

5. They have two birth flowers

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If you are born in September, your birth flowers are the aster and the morning glory. Both are symbols of love and affection. Perhaps you can give a bouquet of these lovely flowers to a friend who is born in September.

6. They are less likely to be imprisoned


Research shows that people born in September are less likely to be sent to jail or prison. How interesting this that? Why do you think that is?

7. They are more prone to allergies and asthma


Studies also show that those born in the fall months are more likely to develop allergies and asthma. Do you find this to be true? The most common allergies for September babies are milk, eggs, or peanuts.

8. They are more likely to live to be 100 years old

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Do you wish to make it to 100? If you are born in September, you might have a leg up on other months. One study found that a majority of centenarians that they interviewed were born in September.

If you were born in September or know someone who is, do you think all of these items are true? Which ones apply or don’t apply to you?

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