8 Amazing Ways You Can Use WD-40 At Home

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If you’re a homeowner or just like building things, WD-40 is a staple in your garage or general household. But did you know that there are tons more uses for WD-40 than just fixing squeaky hinges? It can make your home-owning life a heck of a lot easier.

Get ready to hear how WD-40 can be your next at-home DIY remedy. There are so many incredible uses for this product, including loosening up a ring stuck on your finger and wiping away stains. Here are the top 8 ways to use WD-40 at home!

1. Removing scruff marks

scuff marks
Elle Olive & Co.

Use WD-40 to remove scuff marks on your kitchen floor from sneakers or whatever other nastiness you have going on there! It also removes tar and is totally surface-safe.

2. Cleaning toilet bowls

Wikimedia Commons

WD-40 is actually amazing for cleaning a toilet bowl. You no longer need any other expensive, specialty cleaning product. Just spray the product around the toilet bowl and use an old toothbrush to scrub. It should be sparkly clean in no time!

3. Winter-proofing boots and shoes


Spray a coat of WD-40 on your winter boots and shoes and you’ve got them set for the season! It acts as a barrier so water can’t damage your footwear. It’s also great for removing salt stains from your footwear!

4. Cleaning and restoring your license plate

license plate

If your license plate is beginning to rust, simply spray some WD-40 on it and wipe it with a clean rag. This should remove any light rust and also help prevent any more rust from forming.

5. Keep wasps from building nests

Wikimedia Commons

Mist some WD-40 under any areas where a wasp might like to form a nest. It completely blocks and prevents wasps from building any nests where WD-40 reigns!

6. Removing strong glue

Mike Mozart / Flickr

Super sticky glue is an absolute pain to remove from your hands, God forbid you got some on there. Don’t panic, because when you spray some WD-40 directly on your sticky fingers, rub your hands together until they aren’t sticky anymore. And presto!

7. Loosening zippers

Wikimedia Commons

No more zippers getting stuck! Spray some WD-40 right on the zipper and try moving it up and down a few times. It should start moving with ease once more!

8. Cleaning stains

Stephani Spitzer/ Flickr

Whether it’s a coffee stain, tea stain, carpet stain, WD-40 is your best option for stain removal. After spraying the product, wait a minute or two and then use your regular carpet cleaner or gently scrub with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Continue this until the stain is completely gone!

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