7 Ways Prince Harry Is Just Like His Mother Princess Diana

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Many news reports are now centered on Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle, but they should still be talking about Harry and his famous mother. Have you ever realized how much Prince Harry and the late Princess Diana are actually alike?

Here are some ways that Prince Harry and Princess Diana are very similar. Don’t you think this mother would be very proud of her son?

1. They were both rebels in the Royal Family


Prince Harry has been known to break some royal rules, but he wasn’t the first to do so. Princess Diana broke many rules and rebelled against strict protocol. For example, she picked out her own engagement ring in a catalog! Prince Harry often shows affection to his new bride Meghan, which is generally considered a no-no. Do you think he gains the strength to rebel from his mother’s memory?

2. Let’s state the obvious: they look alike!


It might seem too obvious that a mother and son would look alike, but we are stating it anyway. Especially when they smile, they look so similar! We bet Princess Diana is smiling down on her boys. Some people have also pointed out that little Prince George looks a lot like Diana too. What do you think?

3. They both have worked with many charities


Princess Diana used to spend a lot of her time working with charities and helping those in need. Prince Harry does the same and is currently involved with the Invictus Games Foundation, Rugby Football Union Injured Players Foundation, Sentebale, The Royal Foundation, and Well Child.

4. They were both very honest with the press


Both Harry and Diana have done some interesting interviews where they are brutally honest with the press. You would think most royals keep their private lives under wraps, but both Diana and Harry are known to give a little bit more. Diana once spoke about her postpartum depression and Harry has talked about seeking help after Diana’s death. We are glad they are so open!

5. They both loved visiting Africa


Diana and Harry both have traveled the globe, but both of them seem to have a special place in their hearts for Africa. Right after Diana’s death, Harry had told the press that he felt more like himself in Africa than anywhere else. We wonder if it is because his mother loved it there so much and loved to help people there.

6. Both are/were great with kids


Diana was always shown as a great mom and great with kids. While Harry doesn’t have any children of his own yet, you can see how much he loves kids. He is a great uncle to his brother William’s children.

7. Both are described as down-to-earth, kind, and loving


Harry clearly got some amazing traits from Diana. Many have described both of them as down-to-earth, kind, honest, loving, caring, and much more. We can tell Princess Diana did a great job of raising her boys when she was alive.

Do you see all of the similarities between Harry and Diana? What similarities do you see between Will and Diana?

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