7 Old Wives Tales About Cold And Flu Season You Shouldn’t Believe

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How many times do you remember your mother telling you not to go outside without a jacket in cold weather? Did she tell you it would make you sick? Turns out, that is actually a myth. Only germs can make you ill. There are tons of other similar thoughts that people believe. We are here to debunk them and keep you healthy this cold and flu season.

Here are some of the most common myths surrounding colds and flu. Which of these have you heard for years and actually believed?

1. If you get your flu vaccine too early, it will wear off before flu season ends

flu shot

This simply isn’t true. The earlier you receive your flu vaccine, the better protected you are. The flu vaccine protects you for at least a year. So, don’t be afraid to get it during late summer months. It will just help protect you if the flu season starts early. You will still be protected come late winter or early spring.

2. You can get the flu from a flu shot

flu shot prep
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Many people think that the flu shot is a weakened form of a flu virus. However, it only contains components of the flu, not an entire virus, so there is no possible way you can get sick from it. This myth might stem from people already having the virus but no symptoms yet, getting the flu shot and then experiencing symptoms. It is not from the shot itself.

3. Going outside with wet hair or being in wet clothes can make you sick


Nope, not true. Being out in the cold can give you a runny nose, but it does not cause a cold or flu. Many studies have found this to be a myth. It is true that illnesses run rampant more often in the fall and winter but this is generally due to people being indoors more often and spreading germs.

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