7 Of The Most Expensive And Luxurious Items You Can Buy At Costco

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When you go to Costco you might think about their food court, their deli section, their bulk items, or their delicious cake. However, Costco isn’t just about bulk items and finding the best deal. They also offer some very expensive and luxury items for those with a little bit more cash on hand.

Here are some of the coolest luxury items that Costco offers.

1. Private jet membership

private jet

You can get a membership to Wheels Up from Costco. Wheels Up is a private jet service that costs $17,500 up front. You get a $3,500 Costco Cash Card when you purchase it though.

2. Jewelry


Yes, you can get expensive and quality jewelry from Costco. From a diamond necklace that costs $500,000 to engagements rings and other jewelry, if you are looking to really sparkle, check out their jewelry that is inspected by Costco’s team of Graduate Gemologists.

3. A nice car


If you don’t like going to a dealership, you can actually buy cars from Costco and pay less as a Costco member. They sell luxury SUVs if you are looking for an upgrade.

4. Wagyu Beef

wagyu beef
Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever heard of Wagyu beef? The rich and famous often dine on this very expensive meat and Costco sells it. They import it from Japan and it is around $1,200.

5. Items for kids


They sell a very cool, very deluxe backyard playset for $13,000. It has four slides, five swing stations, rock walls, monkey bars, sandboxes and much more. You will basically have a park in your backyard. If your child or grandchild is into something more cuddly, the famous Costco bear is 93 inches and weighs almost 50 pounds. The stuffed bear is $300.

6. Caviar


Do you have a taste for fish eggs? You can get a collection of caviar from Costco for around $600. It serves 7-12 people.

7. Jacuzzi

hot tub
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If you’re looking for a jacuzzi, get a deal at Costco. Or purchase a really fancy, 7-person whirlpool spa there for $9,000.

If you could afford it, what luxury item would you purchase at Costco? What was the most surprising thing on this list?

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