7 Of The Craziest Things Plumbers Have Found In Pipes

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Many of us have experienced problems with our plumbing and have had to call a plumber. Common issues are generally related to hairballs or things that plug up your sinks and toilets. However, sometimes plumbers get a surprise and find something really crazy during a job!

Here are some of the strangest things that plumbers have found in pipes. Can you believe some of these?

1. A Kitten

Wikimedia Commons

Auto shop employees found a kitten in an open underground pipe right outside their shop! Different rescue workers tried to get the kitten out, but finally, a plumber was able to suck out the kitten gently with a vacuum. The kitten ended up being adopted by a mechanic at the shop.

2. Teeth


One time a plumber found dentures in a toilet! A customer called about a toilet stoppage and the technician pulled out upper and lower dentures from the pipes. Apparently, the customer was drunk and threw his dentures in the toilet and completely forgot about it. Yikes!

3. A diamond lost 10 years before

Wikimedia Commons

Plumbers were in the middle of a project for a customer when they found a shiny object. It turns out to be a custom-made diamond ring. The customer’s daughter had lost it 10 years before then, down the sink!

4. Dinosaurs


Plumbers once found a dinosaur. A dinosaur toy that is. A child decided to flush one of those toys that expands when exposed to water. It was small when it was flushed, but it expanded in the water and got stuck.

5. A root


Water flows underground through pipes and sometimes roots can mess up our pipe system. One time in Chicago there was a 30-foot root that got removed from the main water line.

6. “Sewer mice”

Wikimedia Commons

Plumbers often refer to tampons as “sewer mice.” You should never flush tampons because cotton doesn’t decompose so tampons can clog up systems.

7. Iguana

Wikimedia Commons

A plumber was called to a home where the toilet wouldn’t flush. An iguana had actually entered through a rooftop vent and made its way into the toilet!

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