63-Year-Old Andie MacDowell Opens Up About Embracing Gray Hair And Aging

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Andie MacDowell is learning how to embrace her gray hair and aging gracefully through her 60s. She recently did an interview with The Zoe Report about the beauty standards women face on a regular basis, in addition to how she deals with the concept of aging.

“I’d been wanting to do it for a few years,” she says of embracing her natural hair color. “And then when COVID happened and I saw the roots coming in, I thought it suited me.” MacDowell has actually been a L’Oréal brand ambassador now for 35 years and had begun coloring her hair at 40 years old after a journalist eyed her gray roots in the middle of an interview.

Andie MacDowell is fighting for women to age gracefully just like men do


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“I think women are tired of the idea that you can’t get old and be beautiful,” she said. “Men get old and we keep loving them. And I want to be like a man. I want to be beautiful and I don’t want to screw with myself to be beautiful.”

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She continues, “I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I love my hair so much that I look in the mirror and I go, ‘Oh my god.’ It’s so pretty,” she continued. “Men can go salt and pepper. We just think they’re gorgeous. We’ve been sold this idea that they’re better than we are. It’s bulls**t!”

Fans LOVE Andie’s gray hair

andie macdowell in the 90s
MICHAEL, Andie MacDowell, 1996 / Everett Collection

MacDowell turned heads back in July when she walked the red carpet sporting her new gray hair, and she was scared people were going to be mean to her about it. It actually ended up having the opposite effect. One fan even tweeted, “Andie MacDowell’s confident, gorgeous spray of gray is lighting me up inside.”

Another writes, “I support Andie’s gray hair 100%. Beautiful back in the day and today.” Even still, overcoming her anxiety about it all is still a work-in-progress, but it’s one she’s happy to continue working on. “I’m still working on my anxiety… It’s hard to get rid of so much PTSD. It’s in your bones and it’s in your nervous system for sure. But I look at the bright side: I can use it, I can tap into that.”

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