6 Things You Should Always Buy During Your Trips To Costco

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Costco is a magical place of discounted, bulk items. Many people love Costco and stock up on things like toilet paper, cleaning products, and delicious snacks. But, if you are only doing that, you’re missing out on some other great deals!

Here are some things you should always buy at Costco. If you’re not buying much at Costco, you really should take advantage of their free samples then.

1. Gas

costco gas

Costco gas is consistently the cheapest around. They pride themselves on having the best quality and cheapest gas available. So, make sure to fill up every time you shop to get the best deal.

2. Food subscriptions like Blue Apron

blue apron

Costco has great deals on food, but did you know they also offer food subscriptions? If you are looking to make easy meals and want to try a food subscription service, check Costco. They often have deals where you’d only pay around $80 for a $100 gift card.

3. Fruit and vegetables

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If you are scared away from buying fresh fruit and vegetables from Costco because you know you won’t eat it all, don’t be scared. Simply head over to the frozen section instead. Frozen fruit and vegetables are still healthy for you and they won’t spoil easily. You can also get dried fruit for the same reasons.

4. Generic brand products


Many people avoid generic brands but learn to embrace them at Costco. Costco’s Kirkland Signature is known for their quality products. They sell almost everything with the Kirkland Signature. Their soup is made from their delicious store-roasted chicken, for example.

5. Oils

coconut oil

Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oils have long shelf lives if they are quality brands. Grab them at Costco and you likely won’t need to buy it again for a very long time.

6. Clothes

costco clothes

Don’t discriminate because Costco isn’t known for their clothing. They do have a lot of quality products at low prices and change it up for every season. One tip is to check out their winter coats. They even have Halloween costumes for kids so check those out near the end of summer.

Don’t forget to stop at the food court on your way out! What products do you usually buy at Costco?

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