6 Old Tricks Stores Still Use To Get You To Spend More Money

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Now may be the time of online shopping, but many of us still prefer to shop at a brick and mortar shop. However, many stores use sneaky tricks to get us to spend more money and more time in their store. There are many old tricks that stores still use. Why? Because they work!

Here are some things to watch out for the next time you head out on a shopping trip.

1. Watch for items that end in .99 or .97

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These prices often fake us into thinking they are good deals. The brain also tends to round down these types of prices. When you see something marked $7.99, don’t you usually think about it as $7?

2. They appeal to your senses

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Do you ever walk into a grocery store and are immediately taken aback by the amazing smell? This is on purpose. If you are hungry and head to a store that smells delicious, you are more likely to buy that product and more. They may also appeal to your senses with calming music, bright colors and more.

3. They want you to take a cart

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If you get a cart, isn’t it natural to want to fill it up? Baskets and carts induce people to buy more and more to fill it up. If you are only going into the store for a few things, always just carry it yourself or bring a small bag.

4. They use marketing language

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Marketers know what they are doing. Phrases like “for a limited time only” or “only a few left” make you think you have a limited time to search and buy the product you want. You are more likely to purchase something that you think is a good deal if you also think you’ll miss out on it if you don’t act fast.

5. They make the store a maze

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If you have a hard time getting around the grocery store, you’re not alone. Items are usually with other similar items, but grocery stores are so big that you’ll probably go down every aisle to find what you need. This sends you on a hunt where you’re more likely to buy something you don’t need.

6. They put cheaper items up front

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You are more likely to get hooked to walk around a store if you find something cheap or on sale right in the front. Think about Target for example. They often have their cheap dollar section items right when you walk in.

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