6 Inventions That Failed Big Time When Introduced To Consumers

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Many times inventions are spectacular and make you wish you thought of it first. Other times, a new product or idea comes out and you have no idea why people jumped on the original bandwagon.

Here are some of the funniest, strangest inventions that failed spectacularly when introduced to an audience.

1. Google Glass

google glass
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Google thought it was a great idea to create glasses that could record memories for you and you could read your phone without people knowing. It seems like a good idea at first but think about the privacy and safety issues. Soon after they were introduced, they were promptly banned from movie theaters, casinos and while driving. Eventually, Google gave up on these specs.

2. Olestra


This food additive was designed to help people lose weight, but all it did was make people really, really sick. Think intense diarrhea and anal leakage. Ouch.

3. Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water


After hearing complaints that their beer tasted like water, they decided to manufacture water. It didn’t really go over so well.

4. Spray-on hair

spray on hair

It seems like a good idea as well, but the execution is a little off. People were basically spray painting their head. That doesn’t look so natural.

5. Bic for Her


Some companies try to appeal to a certain sex and it usually doesn’t end well for them. Bic, the pen makers, decided to release a line of pens that were designed for women only. It obviously got a lot of backlash.

6. Harley-Davidson perfume


The motorcycle maker tried to get into the perfume business. They released a line of perfumes and colognes, but most people stuck up their nose at them.

Have you heard of or tried any of these hilarious fails? Did you actually like them or did you hate them like most people?

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