5 Things You Should Never Look Up On The Internet

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The Internet is really useful. You can look up just about anything you want and find information from many different sources. However, there are certain things you should just never look up. Here are a few things you should refrain from Googling.

1. Things you don’t want to see in ads


The Internet is now very, very smart. If you look up a product or spend time shopping online, chances are very high that those items will come up in ads later on. If you don’t want to see them pop up (over and over again) or might be embarrassed if someone else sees what ads you have on your phone or computer.

2. Anything that would embarrass you

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In the same vein, you don’t want to search for anything that would completely embarrass you if someone found out. Also, if you are going to run in a political race, hackers might be able to find out what you searched for, even if you delete it from your browsing history.

3. Anything that could get you in trouble


If it is against the law, don’t look it up. If you get in trouble for something, you better believe they will go through your computer and your search history. If you are nervous about searching for something online, just go ahead and refrain.

4. Any symptoms you have

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When you are feeling ill or find something strange on your body, you might be tempted to Google it. However, chances are that online databases will always make you think you have cancer, even if you just have a simple headache. Avoid freaking yourself out and just go to the doctor.

5. Translations


If you are trying to talk to someone who speaks another language, don’t count on online translations. Usually, they don’t make any sense. If you want to look up one word, go ahead but if you are searching for a longer phrase, don’t translate it on Google if you want it to be accurate.

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