5 Things You May Do All The Time That Are Actually Illegal

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There are some things in our culture that seem relatively normal. We know they aren’t necessarily nice or good things to do, but they don’t seem illegal. Yet, they are! If you get caught doing anything on this list, you might get yourself into some trouble.

Here are some things you’ve probably done that are illegal. Did you know that spitting can be illegal?

1. Signing on to free Wi-Fi


Whether or not your local Starbucks lets you log on to their Wi-Fi while you’re getting coffee, it is actually illegal. Same goes for stealing your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 is a law against hacking and it is not very specific. In 2007, a man was fined $400 and given 40 hours of community service for connecting to a cafe’s Internet for over a week without paying anything.

2. Getting drunk


Of course, you know that drinking and driving is illegal, but public drunkness is also illegal, even if you are simply walking home. State laws vary, but some states are more strict than others. In some states, police can even arrest you if you seem drunk even if you didn’t have any drinks. Basically, don’t drink so much that you cause a scene or look like you are about to pass out in front of a bar.

3. Spitting


If you need to spit, look for a trash can. Some states and cities made it illegal to spit in public to avoid the spread of disease.

4. Sitting on a sidewalk


If you are waiting for a bus, you might want to sit down on the sidewalk. In about half of U.S. cities, sitting on the sidewalk is actually illegal. Same goes for lying down in public.

5. Jaywalking


Most people know that jaywalking is illegal, but most people do it anyway. It seems like there is no harm if you walk across a street with no traffic, but it could lead to a fine if you get caught. In New York City and Los Angeles, the fine can be $250!

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