5 Reasons Whole Milk Is Actually Better For You Than Skim Milk

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As kids everyone had milk. It was a crucial part of our diets to help us all become big and strong. As we got older, though, the media has brainwashed us to think that skim milk is somehow healthier for us than whole milk. It’s even gone as far as implementing skim milk into our menus at Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.

For those that have a lactose intolerance, it’s totally understandable. But for those of us who skipped our whole milk in favor of skim milk for health benefits, we’ve been robbed. Here’s why whole milk is actually better for us than skim milk.

1. Skim milk is not actually all that healthy

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A lot of people opt for skim milk if they’re aiming for a low-fat diet. However, a low-anything diet has been totally disproven. Embarking on a low-fat diet eventually leads to unhealthy sugar and carb cravings. Additionally, it doesn’t actually have any relation to sustainable weight loss or heart disease prevention.

2. Fat is actually good for you

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Whole milk is not as fatty as you’d assume. A 2016 study concurred that people who consumed higher levels of dairy fat had a 46% lower risk of getting diabetes. Fats are also part of our daily nutrients, and without them, we’d cease to exist.

3. It just tastes gross


It generally tastes like water by itself. The flavor aspect of milk is completely eliminated unless you’re using it with a food or in your daily Starbucks drink. You really just can’t enjoy a good glass of skim milk. It’s impossible!

4. It’s terrible for cooking

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Unless a recipe specifies for non-fat or low-fat milk, skim milk will absolutely ruin your meal. The great part about whole milk is that it adds a nice, creamy texture that your meal probably calls for. Skim milk, having a watery flavor and texture to it, won’t be a friendly substitute.

5. It’s also not viable for baking


Similar to cooking, if your recipe calls for anything non-fat or low-fat, you’ll probably be fine. But otherwise, nix the skim milk on your baking recipe. Fat ultimately adds moisture and helps tenderize your baked goods. 0% fat equals a very dry and unpleasing pastry.

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