4 Super Creepy Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Is Learning About You

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Most of us have smartphones these days. Did you know that your smartphone is always listening to you and collecting data on you? There are several things you need to know if you want to know what information your phone keeps track of. You might want to double check your privacy settings.

Here are some creepy things your smartphone knows about you.

1. Every location you’ve ever been


If your location services are always on, your phone tracks where you go. Depending on your settings, your location might be tracked via certain apps like Uber or it might track you everywhere. Ever gotten a notification that gives you directions to a place you generally go on Tuesdays, for example? Creepy!

2. It knows your passwords


Do you save your passwords to your phone? It is very convenient, but it also allows those companies to store your information. It could also be unsafe if someone else gets ahold of your phone and steals your information.

3. It has all of your messages, whether you delete them or not


If you delete your text messages from time to time, keep in mind they are never actually gone. Same goes for anything you put on the Internet. So be wary the next time you send a text or write something on Facebook because even if you delete it, it could still be out there. Also, people can screenshot your messages and have it even if they can’t find it again.

4. How fast you drive


Do you use your maps app? If so, along with tracking your location information, it also tracks how fast it takes you to get places. It may also track what time you arrive and when you leave.

Did you know that your phone tracks all of these things? Do you ever get ads targeted toward something you just searched for? Keep in mind that your phone knows a lot about you and in turn, your cell phone company knows a lot about you too.


If this sounds super creepy to you, go over your privacy settings and change things up. If you are unsure of how or what to change, go to your cell phone provider and ask for help.

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