4 Life Hacks To Remember To Make Your Next Beach Trip The Best

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Going to the beach is usually a family favorite trip during the summer months. It can be so much fun to go swimming, play in the sand and work on your tan. However, it can also be a hassle to pack up so many things and lug everything to the beach.

Here are a few amazing beach hacks you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

1. Bring a sled


It may seem unusual to bring a sled that is normally used in the snow to the beach, but it can be very useful. Load all of your bags, toys, and other beach items on the sled and carry it easily across the sand. Also, when you want to take a break after swimming, it is a great seat if you don’t want to get your beach chair wet.

2. Grab a cork

wine corks

A cork can be helpful to attach to your keys and other items you might be worried about accidentally floating away. Screw an eye hook into the end of a wine cork and then attach your key ring.

3. Bring baby powder (even if you don’t have a baby with you)

New York Post

Baby powder is great for removing wet sand from your body. This is very helpful if you have to pack into the car or head into the house and don’t want sand everywhere. Simply sprinkle the baby powder on your skin and then wipe away with a towel.

4. Bring a funnel and other shaped kitchen items


If you plan to build sandcastles, you don’t need expensive tools or toys. Just grab a funnel and other shaped items around your home. They will work just as well and be just as fun to use! Just remember to wash them thoroughly before you use them in your kitchen.


What items do you usually bring to the beach? Will these beach hacks help you during your next trip?

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