4 Hacks To Make Household Chores Much Easier

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Household chores will never be fun. However, you can do certain things to make life easier and get them done quicker. This can allow you to have more time to do the things you really want to do!

From de-wrinkling your clothes without an iron to getting your microwave super clean in seconds, here are some of the best hacks for your next cleaning day.

1. Throw some ice cubes in the dryer


If you don’t have any dryer sheets on hand or a de-wrinkle setting on your dryer, throw some ice cubes in with your clothes. The ice will melt and turn to steam, essentially getting the wrinkles out. It will work best on lighter clothing.

2. Use vinegar everywhere


Vinegar is an amazing, natural product that helps with a lot of household tasks. If you have some cloudy drinking glasses, put white vinegar in the dishwasher to make your dishes sparkling clean. You can also use vinegar in your microwave to get rid of stuck on food. Put a cup of vinegar in the microwave and start it for about five minutes. Then you can simply wipe off all of the gunk.

In the bathroom, put vinegar in a plastic bag and wrap it around your showerhead. Leave on all night and remove the bag in the morning and it should look brand new.

3. Clean up broken glass easier

broken glass
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We have all had moments where we shatter a glass. The small pieces can be hard to pick up, but crucial to remove, especially if you have kids or pets. Put a little water on a piece of bread and press it on the floor. It will pick up the broken glass, even the small pieces and you won’t cut your hand.

4. Rinse your blender quickly


It can be really annoying to have to take apart and wash your blender after every use. However, this is a great hack that will have you making more smoothies in no time. Just fill your blender halfway with hot water, put in some dish soap and then close the lid and turn on. Let it clean itself! Then just rinse and let it dry.

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