25 Products That Are Made In America To Buy ASAP

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Many Americans report that they would rather buy American made products instead of imported ones. This could be for a variety of reasons such as they would rather support their home country, they want to make sure the product is safe, etc. It seems that many products are made overseas these days, but these famous brands keep it in the USA.

Here are some of the top products proudly made in the United States. How many of these do you own?

1. Louisville Slugger baseball bats

louisville slugger baseball bat

Baseball is a big deal in America, so it makes sense that the pro baseball bats are made here. Bud Hillerrich made the first pro-baseball bat in 1866. He made it for Pete Browning, whose nickname was the Louisville Slugger. This started the iconic brand, which is still made in Louisville today.

2. Wilson footballs

wilson football

Just like baseball, football is another great American pastime. Wilson football is the preferred football for over 180 NCAA programs and 37 high school football state associations. Chances are if you have ever played football, you’ve touched a Wilson brand.

3. Waring blenders

waring blender

Waring debuted the first blender in America and remains one of the leading manufacturers. They are often used in professional kitchens and labs.

4. KitchenAid stand mixers

kitchenaid stand mixer

KitchenAid stand mixers are an amazing addition to a kitchen. KitchenAid has been making these mixers in Ohio since 1941.

5. Rada knives

rada knives

Rada Cutlery has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948 in Iowa. They sell a popular seven-piece “starter” set includes a paring knife, vegetable peeler, tomato slicer, super parer, six-inch bread knife, cook’s knife, and slicer knife.

6. Regal Ware cookware


Regal Ware makes stainless-steel and gravity-cast aluminum cookware and they have been making it for over 100 years in the United States. One of their earliest products were Boy Scout canteens. Have you ever seen one?

7. Lodge cast-iron skillets

cast iron skillet

Joseph Lodge and his wife founded this company in 1896 in Tennesee. These products continue to be made in Tennessee. Their website states that the cast-iron skillets and other products are manufactured in the USA and will always be manufactured here.

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