1970s Design Is Scheduled To Make A Comeback In The Wake Of The Pandemic

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Ever hear the old expression that fashion is cyclical? Well, it couldn’t be more true as 1970s design and decor make a comeback. Next year expect Bohemian styles, floral prints, and live plants to be welcomed into more and more living rooms.

The expected shift has a lot to do with the pandemic. As people continue to spend a plethora of time indoors and at home, design experts predict that they will want to bring more and more of the natural world into their homes. The warm and nostalgic decor of the ’70s will start to seem a lot more inviting than some of the harsher millennial trends.

Goodbye Millennial Trends

As trends shift back to the ’70s, inevitability some of the more modern decor will be on the way out. Colors like bright red and millennial pink will give way to earthier tones like cobalt blue and mustard yellow. Marble tables and brass accent pieces will be replaced with wooden furniture and live house plants. Anything to remind us of the great outdoors.

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People want their homes to be warm and comfortable during these trying times. As a result, designers plan to stay away from harsh, industrial materials like exposed cement, concrete, and metal. They have also indicated that preppy styles are on their way out.

Other Design Changes Caused By COVID

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our homes are more important than ever. They have to be our workspaces as well as our place for entertainment and relaxation. There has been a massive shift in the number of people working from home lately, and that number will likely stay high even after the pandemic. Because of this, the home office will become a coveted room in a lot of houses.

Outdoor spaces will also be more sought after than ever. Designers predict that home buyers in 2021 and beyond will be searching for the ideal patio, porch, or backyard to entertain and soak up the sun. In the wake of 2020, it’s no wonder that trends are moving more towards comfort, nature, and functionality.

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