17 Of The Wackiest Laws That Still Exist In The U.S. Today

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Laws exist for a reason — to keep order in the world. But certain laws were created back in the day when things were, well, a little different.

There are some laws you probably don’t even realize exist. Here are 17 of the weirdest, wackiest laws that still exist in the United States.

1. Alaska

moose in alaska

Alaska is big on moose laws. If you kill a moose (or any big game animal), no matter what, you must try to salvage some meat for people to eat.

2. Arizona

Pexels / Matthias Zomer

If you want to feed garbage to a pig, you must have a permit. However, if you feed your own garbage to your own pig, you’re fine.

3. Arkansas

honk horn
Pixabay / ktphotography

Section 18-55 of Little Rock’s Code of Ordinances — current as of March 2017 — states that “No person shall sound the horn on a vehicle at any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9 pm.” Don’t disrupt my late night snack!

4. California


You can have as many frogs as you want, but if they die, you may not eat them. No frog legs for you!

5. Colorado

Wikimedia / Anthony Tan

In Boulder, you may not roll, throw or otherwise move any boulders on public property. Leave the Boulder boulders alone!

6. Connecticut

silly string
Wikimedia / Eden Keller

Do not use silly string in Southington, CT unless you’re in the privacy of your own home.

7. Florida

beware of dog sign

If a dog bites you, but the owner had a “beware of dog” sign, they are not liable for your injuries.

8. Illinois

cheese shop
Wikimedia / Jorge Royan

Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep in a cheese shop.

9. Iowa

Pixabay / rodeopix

Iowa will not deal with fake butter. Imitation butter must be marketed as “oleomargarine” and may not be described as using the words butter, creamery or dairy and you cannot use dairy cows in your marketing.

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