15 Actors Who Suddenly Left Their TV Show

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It’s pretty common for actors to just flat out leave shows for whatever reason, but it’s also fairly common for actors to just be randomy replaced by other actors as well. There are a number of actors who left their TV show at random, whether you noticed it or not!

Think about your favorite TV shows when you were younger. Do you remembe one character looking slightly off compared to the last time you saw them? Here are 15 actors who suddenly up and left their TV shows.

1. Becky in Roseanne


Becky was initially played by Lecy Goranson in the original Roseanne, but when Becky returned home from college in season six, she had been replaced by Sarah Chalke. The producers apparently chose to continuously swap out the actresses for the rest of the show’s span, and viewers were unhappy with the inconsistency.

2. Jenna Wade in Dallas


Morgan Fairchild was the first actress to bring the character of Jenna Wade to life in the TV show Dallas. She was then replaced by Francine Tacker. However, Tacker was soon dropped and replaced again with Priscilla Presley, who managed to keep the role afloat for five years.

3. Darrin Stephens in Bewitched


Darrin Stephens was originally played by Dick York, who was then replaced by Dick Sargent with little warning or clue as to why.

4. Chris in The Partridge Family


Chris was first played by Jeremy Gelbwaks, who was then replaced by Brian Forster due to Gelbwaks’ father landing a job halfway across the nation. Gelbwaks had to go with him and this put an end to his acting career with The Partridge Family.

5. Catwoman in Batman


Catwoman was originally portrayed by Julie Newmar in the 1960s, who was then replaced by the well-known actress and singer, Eartha Kitt.

6. Lois Lane in Superman


Phyllis Coates played the role of the original Lois Lane in Superman, but was sadly booted and replaced by Noel Neill, which fans seemed to be very satisfied with.

7. John-Boy in The Waltons


Richard Thomas originally played the role of John-Boy in 70s family drama, The Waltons. He was eventually replaced by Robert Wightman after two seasons of the character being away and fans were quick to notice this actor change in particular (even though the point is to be discreet about it).

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