11 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

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There is more than meets the eye. This saying is especially true of the everyday items we use. Because they are so commonplace, we tend not to notice them carefully and hence some of their really useful features remain undiscovered. But here we are -to draw your attention to the most basic things you use every day and still don’t maximize their use.

1. Soda Can Tabs

Soda can tab

An average American consumes about 45 gallons of soda every year. But how many of you knew the actual purpose of that little hole on the soda can tab? Once you pop the tab open, you can swing it around and poke your straw inside that hole. Voila! You have a handy straw-holder! And what’s more, the tab would hold your straw firmly enough to not let the ooze of carbonation shove it outside.

2. That Arrow on Your Car’s Gas Gauge

car gas gauge arrow
Wikimedia Commons

Although you may not have paid much attention to it while driving your car for a number of years, the arrow on the gas gauge actually points in the direction where your gas tank is. Well, that will surely save you a minute’s worth of guessing every time you stop to fill the gas.

3. The Hole at the End of the Utensil

spoon holder hole
Wikimedia Commons

The next time you use a spatula or a spoon to stir, you can hang them right there in the hole towards the end of the utensil handle. Pretty useful, right? You don’t have to get your other utensils dirty and it saves you that much cleaning.

4. The Fabric Test Cloth

fabric to test clothing
Wikimedia Commons

You might have seen some patches of fabric along with your newly purchased clothing. Contrary to the popular belief, those patches are really not for sewing in case you rip the cloth. Those extra scraps are to be used as a test to check what material your new dress is made of. Instead of putting the new clothing in the laundry and then discovering that it shrinks or fades, you can try it first on these scraps and see how the material reacts to your detergent.

5. Screwdriver and Wrenches

Wrench in a screwdriver

Working at some really awkward angle with your screwdriver could be trying. You can insert the end of the wrench into the screwdriver and then work with it. It will make the rotation go smoother.

6. The Side Holes in Your Shoe

shoes side holes

Although pretty outdated by now, those little holes by the side of the shoe have become a part of the show design. They were initially put their so that basketball players could tie the lace around differently and in a way that prevented them from slipping on court. An interesting detail!

7. Faraday Shield on Your Microwave

black grates on microwave
ABLE home and office

Ever wondered what that black grate did in your microwave? The Faraday shield works as a cage to keep the microwaves inside the oven. It makes sure that your food warms properly.

Another interesting fact about that black grate is that it blocks phone signals. So, in case you wish to ignore a nagging friend, just put the phone inside the oven.

8. Embossed Lines on F and J on Keyboard

bumpy home keys

The F’s and J’s on keyboards come with bumpy lines. That’s because they are the home keys and the bumps are intended to let your hand find the home position without really taking your eyes off the screen.

9. Tiny Airplane Window Holes

Airplane window hole

Drifting through the clouds, did you give a moment’s attention to those tiny holes carved on airplane windows? The hole is an air pressure regulator between the outer and the inner window panes. It acts as a safety measure so that in case there’s a situation where the pressure on the window increases, the outer pane takes the burden and you’re kept safe inside. Plus, the hole also prevents the window from getting fogged.

10. Small Jean Pockets

small pocket watch holder

We mostly tend to use the bigger pockets for our wallets and purses and everything else. And that’s because those small pockets are actually pretty redundant. But once upon a time they were there for a reason and were very much in use. In the 1800s, folks used pocket watches and that little jean pocket was where they kept it.

11. Smart Tic-Tac Lids

tic tac lid dispenser

You’ll probably want to eat a bunch of them together. But that’s not how the Tic-Tic dispenser makers wanted you to do it. The groove in the dispenser lets out one Tic-Tac at a time for your slow enjoyment.

How unquestioningly we use certain everyday items. Hopefully, these hacks would help make your life easier.

Pass it along to friends and family to give them tips about maximizing the use of their everyday tools.

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