10 Vintage Cars You’ll Wish You Still Had To Drive Today

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Classic cars still make many of us smile today when we see one. You might remember driving some of these cars or your family or friends had a really cool version. While all of the cars on this list are no longer made the same way, some of them are still around if someone took good care of them.

Which cars on this list did you drive around in? Do you still own any of them?

rocket oldsmobile
Wikimedia Commons

First up is the classic “Rocket” Oldsmobile. It was first released in the 1950s and many different versions were sold over the years. It was called a “Rocket” because of its Rocket V-8. It offered hydraulic steering and a super fast engine, for that time.

dodge dart

The Dodge Dart came around in the 1960s. The big selling point was that it had room for six adults and had a relatively low price. Many of the print ads focused on squeezing those six adults in there, something many older cars couldn’t do.

grand prix
Wikimedia Commons

The Pontiac Grand Prix also came around in the 1960s. The 1960s version Grand Prix had a removable top so you could have a convertible in nice weather. Did you ever drive around in a car with the top down all the time?

mercury comet

Speaking of convertibles, the Ford Mercury Comet was one of Ford’s first convertibles ever. It also offered adjustable breaks.

Wikimedia Commons

The Cutlass S was a GM Oldsmobile that was advertised to make you look younger. One of their advertisements said, “Young it up. ’68 Olds.” It was a clever play on words that was meant to entice people to purchase their new version of the classic car. Did you have one of these?

mercury ad

Sometimes advertising was kind of sexist back in the day. The Mercury Cyclone in 1967 was advertised as a “man’s car”. Some ads even said that the bucket seats were “man-sized”. How funny is that?


These days, many cars advertise being small, but in 1963 Dodge was advertising how big their car was! The Chrysler Dodge from that time was almost 18 feet long.

dodge coronet

Another popular Chrysler car was the Dodge Coronet. This one was being advertised as slim and trim and was a popular convertible choice in the 1960s.


If you love the color red, you may have had a Monterey S-55. It boasted an all red interior and exterior. You could also get it in convertible or hardtop and it had adjustable bucket seats.

command performance

If you were more into gold and all things luxurious, you may have had the Cadillac Command Performance. It advertised having the largest, smoothest V-8 engine ever and had a gold interior and exterior.

What car did you have? Are there any classic cars you would add to this list?

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