10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Regularly Drink Diet Soda

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Diet soda is like everything else junk food related- it’s fine in moderation. But for those of you who drink diet soda regularly, you might as well be drinking regular soda! Diet soda could potentially be the cause of your health deterioration overtime, but it’s not too late to quit.

By quitting a regular habit of drinking diet soda and switching to water, your body could go through an amazing range of changes by flushing out all the toxins. Diet soda is just replenishing those toxins back into your body. Here are 10 things that happen when you drink diet soda.

1. Your teeth are in jeopardy

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Diet soda wears at your teeth overtime and can cause cavities. It’s assumed that the acidic content from the diet soda causes erosion to the teeth, causing the cavities.

2. Pregnant women can go into preterm labor

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According to a Danish study, women who drank one or more diet sodas daily were more likely to deliver preterm babies. It’s also important to note that there was no link between regular soda intake and pre-term babies.

3. You’re at a greater risk for metabolic syndrome

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A study conducted in the journal, Nutrients, confirmed that people who consume at least one diet soda a day are at greater risk for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome can signify the potential increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

4. It can induce early menstruation

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The intake of artificially sweetened drinks is associated with the beginning of menstruation before age 11. So, if you’re the mother of a little girl, it might be best to lay off the diet soda.

5. Your breast milk can be impacted


Breast milk samples were analyzed from 20 volunteers and non-nutritive sweeteners were found in 65% of the samples, according to the Journal of Toxicology and Human Health. Looks like it’s best for breast-feeding moms to stay away from diet soda as well!

6. Your heart health will be at risk


Studies show that postmenopausal women who have 2+ diet sodas daily were more likely to have heart troubles. This includes coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, a heart attack, etc.

7. Your bone density can decrease

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Adults who drink diet soda were reported to have less bone density, especially in the hip area. The two causes for this happening are torn between the phosphorous leaching calcium from bones or interfering with calcium metabolism.

8. You have a greater risk for cancer

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Potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate are typically added to diet soda along with sugar to prevent spoilage. Benzene is a carcinogen that forms from these preservatives that can increase the risk of cancer, although the amount identified in diet soda is lower than the hazardous amount.

9. Your alcohol tolerance will slip


Mixing diet soda and alcohol can get you feeling a little more tipsy than you bargained for. This can be dangerous, especially if you’re the driver. If you planned on ‘just one drink’ so you’re able to water it down with a big dinner, be sure to steer clear from diet soda and alcohol.

10. Your appetite can increase


A study confirmed that people who drank diet soda were three times more likely to select candy over gum or water, in comparison to those who drank regular soda or mineral water.

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