10 Foods That Fight Hair Loss So You Can Stay Ageless

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If your hair has been thinning as you get older, it might be time to evaluate your diet. The right shampoo, supplements or haircut can help you to maintain thick and healthy hair, but what you eat is also a big factor. Eating healthy can help your hair stay healthy and not thin or fall out as quickly.

Here are some of the top foods to eat if you have thinning hair.

1. Salmon


Fish, especially salmon, contains omega-3 fatty acids, which deliver protein to your body and hair. The fat also keeps your scalp moisturized, which can prevent hair loss. If you have salmon a few times a week, you should start to notice your hair becoming more moisturized and healthier looking.

2. Eggs


Eggs are a great breakfast if you are looking to avoid thinning hair. They contain protein, iron, omega-6 fatty acids, and zinc. These are all great nutrients for your hair! They also contain biotin, which you may recognize from supplements that are supposed to grow your hair and nails.

3. Avocados


Avocados contain healthy fats that help your hair grow. If you don’t like eating them, you can also put them directly on your hair to reap some benefits. Make your own hair mask with avocados and olive or coconut oil. Apply to the ends of your hair for super soft locks.

4. Spinach


Popeye may have eaten spinach for strong bones, but spinach can also help your hair. It contains iron and lack of iron can lead to hair loss. Spinach also contains vitamin A and C, which help maintain oil production and collagen, both of which result in healthy, lustrous hair.

5. Almonds


Almonds are a great snack that contains protein, vitamin E, biotin and healthy fats. All of these things help your hair grow if you are dealing with thinning hair.

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