10 ‘Dangerous’ Fictional Theme Parks You’d Want To Go To

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We all know those theme parks that are just so dangerous, you just have to go. Well, too bad, because all these theme parks are completely fictional. You’ll just have to relive them by watching the movies they originated from!

There are many films out there which are home to some pretty dangerous, wild, and straight up whacky theme parks. You might find you remember some of these places and wish you could’ve joined in the fun.

1. HorrorLand, Goosebumps


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In the Goosebumps universe, HorrorLand is a theme park of horrors created by monsters, for monsters. Humans who visit the part are treated to the attractions, but you may need to watch your back to make sure you don’t end up in a monstrous situation!

2. Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park

Rafa : "mbak Nana, Mika take a Look, she Looks so cute, isn't it?..😍 Mika : what?? 🤯🤯she is not cute Rafa but so scary?😱😱😱💫💣💥💦 Nana : "RAFAAA🗯😖, she wants to eat us!!!🗯😱💢🗯 Rafa : "Really?!!! Then.. RUUUUUUUUUNNNNN🗯💥💢😱🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️💥🗯HuRry up!!!!💥🏃‍♂️💥😱 Nana & Mika : 😖😖😖💣😖😖???!!?? ————🌿🌸🦕🦕🦕🌸🌿———- Me with Twin Nieces was adventuring in Jurassic Park. #dinopark#jurassicpark#dino#dinosaur#photography#landscapephotography#jurassicworld#tyrex#nature#naturelover#tyranosaurus

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If you love dinosaurs, this is the one fictional theme park you’d want to visit. To be fair, though, a dinosaur might be the last thing you’ll ever see. Oh well, worth it!

3. Thrill World, Mr. Show

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Thrill World is exactly like it sounds. If you’re a fan of tall hills, fast drops, loop-de-loops, and generally actual heart-stopping rides, this is your place. Don’t mind the large number of heart failures, spinal injuries, and drownings.

4. Spooky Island, Scooby-Doo

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A classic for both young and old. Guess as long as you don’t realize you’re being possessed by monsters that need your body to protect them from sunlight, it’s a pretty fun time! Has a true Coney Island vibe, except with the supernatural being the stars of the show.

5. Devil’s Flight, Final Destination 3

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It’s safe to say that Devil’s Flight certainly lives up to its name. What with the wonky seatbelts, the wheels unhinging off the track, and detaching cars sent flying in to the wind? Sign me up.

6. Action Point, Action Point

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The hilarious part about this park is that it’s actually based on a really theme park, called Action Park, that closed down in 1996. The star of Jackass is in the film, which gives way to any sort of comedic thing that could go wrong. And it does. You could professionally help set up ‘improvements’ to make the park more dangerous. There’s the fun!

7. Westworld, Westworld

Bring yourself back online. #Westworld has been nominated for “Outstanding Drama Series” at this year’s #Emmys.

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Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by androids that kind of want to kill you the whole time?

8. Walt Disney World, Escape From Tomorrow

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The fun fact about this film is that Disney completely ignored the fact that there was a film released, depicting Disney World as evil. It basically states that everything and everyone at Disney is a complete act. Some of the darker ideas presented in the film and the park include sex trafficking, alternate identities, and a mysterious flu that makes visitors cough up bloody hairballs.

9. Lakeside Amusement Park, Silent Hill 

Cyclone est. 1940- One of the oldest coasters in the US

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Technically a game, but still a fictional park nonetheless. Every kind of ride or attraction you could imagine at your local theme park becomes a gory, horror, bloody mess in this game. It even features bodies of corpses. If you’re a horror fan, you might not be able to out-run this.

10. SeaWorld Orlando, Jaws 3-D

Really cool to see her doing high energy behaviors just like her momma! Nalani Adventure date: 7/10/18 #nalani #seaworld #seaworldorlando #swo #orca #shamu #oneocean #killerwhale #whale #dolphin #animal #nature #photography #adventure

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You probably already know what’s coming to you if you’ve seen Jaws. Imagine sitting at SeaWorld watching all the sharks put on a show for you, when all of a sudden it just jumps out of the water and eats the guy next to you. Hardcore.


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