Candace Cameron Bure Feels Like A Villain In TikTok Discussing Conservatism

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Throughout her time on The View, Candace Cameron Bure had to navigate political discussions, balancing her beliefs with the need to stay informed, and prepare for responses from her peers. She did not particularly enjoy any of this, a sentiment shared by Meghan McCain, who attributes some of her own discomfort with being a conservative during a politically-charged time. Bure recently made this point even further via TikTok, equating the experience with being made to feel like a villain.

The Full House star and Hallmark regular took to the video streaming platform on Wednesday with a video that combines her own image, overlaid audio, and a succinct caption to make her point about politics and entertainment.

Candace Cameron Bure asks if she’s the villain on TikTok


♬ I am a Socialist – Brandons.Sounds

The TikTok video in question is only eight seconds long, and features Bure seated outside under a tree, wearing a large blue-gray top. She smiles as she lip syncs to audio playing over the video. The words are “Is it me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. Maybe I am. Am I the villain? I don’t think I’m the villain.”

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Across the middle of the video are the words, “When you’re conservative in Hollywood.” Additionally, the caption outside of the video names “I am a Socialist – Brandons.Sounds.” The audio comes from words spoken by Scarlet Envy as part of a promotion for the newest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. By time of writing, it has received over 1.3 million likes, 53k comments, and 27k shares.

Pressure, nerves, views, and drama

Candace Cameron-Bure
01 June 2019 – Carson, California – Candace Cameron-Bure. 2019 iHeartRadio Wango Tango held at The Dignity Health Sports Park. Photo Credit: PMA/AdMedia / ImageCollect

The TikTok follows Bure opening up about her time on the ABC talk show The View. Though Bure does not regret the chance to be a part of it, she says the experience left her with PTSD and she feels a pit in her stomach recounting her time there, a similar response experienced by McCain when she hosted.

Part of that came from feeling the “pressure” to represent conservative America while not always having particularly strong feelings or a comfortably informed knowledge base on some episodes’ topics, along with possible pushback from her peers. “When I felt like I was going into a show that I didn’t have a clear opinion about,” Bure outlined, “or it was something that I was legitimately nervous to talk about because I did have an opinion about it but I knew I was the only one at the table that had my opinion, I would just get sick to my stomach.”

After leaving The View, Candace Cameron Bure asks if she's a villain on TikTok
After leaving The View, Candace Cameron Bure asks if she’s a villain on TikTok / YouTube

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Brendan Fraser Cast As The Villain In New ‘Batgirl’ Movie

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Brendan Fraser is back! Brendan has been busy lately with some new projects. He is already starring in the television series Doom Patrol and has now been cast as the villain in the new Batgirl film.

He will play Firefly. As fans of the DC Universe already know, Firefly is a pyromaniac. At first, the character was a criminal who started fires and got more violent and dark as the stories went on. In the new Batgirl film, Leslie Grace will play Batgirl.

Brendan Fraser has been cast as Firefly in the new ‘Batgirl’ film

THE POISON ROSE, Brendan Fraser, 2019
THE POISON ROSE, Brendan Fraser, 2019. © Lionsgate / courtesy Everett Collection

Firefly, also known as Garfield Lynns, uses a fireproof flight suit to set fires everywhere. Sometimes he even has a superheated plasma sword. Other characters confirmed to have roles in Batgirl are Jacob Scipio and J.K. Simmons. J.K. will play Commissioner Gordon once again, making the film a part of Zack Snyder’s film universe.

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BATMAN, Yvonne Craig
BATMAN, Yvonne Craig, (Season 3), 1966-68. TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved, Courtesy: Everett Collection

In addition to appearing in Doom Patrol and Batgirl, Brendan has also been cast in two other big films. He will star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Whale and star with Robert De Niro in Killers of the Flower Moon. Brendan also finished a film recently called Behind the Curtain of Night and is filming a movie called Brothers.

TWENTY BUCKS, Brendan Fraser, 1993
TWENTY BUCKS, Brendan Fraser, 1993. ph: © Columbia TriStar / courtesy Everett Collection

Not much else is known about Batgirl so far. According to IMDb, it may be the origin story of how the character Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl and fights crime. Are you excited for Batgirl with Brendan as the villain?

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‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special’ Exposed: It’ll Scare the Bejeezus Out of You (Or Make You Laugh)

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UPDATED 10/25/2021


When it came to the late comedian — and Bewitched star — Paul Lynde, back in the 1970s ABC knew that they had lightning, they just could figure out what sort of bottle to put it in. Eventually, they realized that it would be in the form of comedy specials, the most popular of which was 1976’s The Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

“It’s been called zany, scary, strange, kooky and a train wreck, yet some, like me, make it a must-see every Halloween,” says Cathy Rudolph, Paul’s friend and author of Paul Lynde A Biography — His Life, His Love(s) and His Laughter. “At the same time, it’s clean, family fun. Paul truly enjoyed doing variety shows, as he did in New Faces 52 — where he first got noticed but did not make it to fame till nine years after that.

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(Everett Collection)

“Ronnie Graham,” she adds, “was in New Faces of 52 with Paul and he was also one of the writers for the Halloween Special along with Bruce Vilanch and some others. This special had a similar format to the popular Broadway New Faces, with singing, dancing, skits and jokes: ‘There’s a real scary holiday coming up,’ the host says. ‘Election Day!’ I loved that line then and maybe it’s even truer now.”

‘He deserved a live audience’

(Everett Collection)

Observes Herbie J Pilato, author of Twitch Upon a Star and The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery, “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special is not exactly one of the best television specials of all time. It was produced at a time when TV specials like that were not using live audiences and mostly only dreadful laugh-tracks. Certainly, Paul was a terrific performer on screen, whether for television or film, and like many of his generation he came from the stage. Any opportunity to perform in front of a live audience was a welcome opportunity for him and a talent such as his shined in front of one. But he wasn’t given that chance with The Paul Lynde Halloween Special. He deserved more. He deserved an audience. But just the fact that he was in that special or headlining it makes it special, audience or not. In this particular case, Paul was better than the material, and he made the material better, too, with that unique line-delivery of his.”


Bruce Vilanch, one of the writers for the special who, around the same time, worked on Donny & MarieThe Brady Bunch Hour and the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, notes that Paul, who had, of course, been the center square on The Hollywood Squares and a regular on Donny & Marie, had a “gigantic” deal at ABC.

Starring Vehicles Just Didn’t Work for Paul

(Everett Collection)

“He had done a sitcom called The Paul Lynde Show [currently airing on the AntennaTV network] that had one of the biggest opening numbers ever,” Bruce explains. “I mean, the ratings were huge. But the first week, people hated the show, the second week the ratings were like a big old atomic bomb. That was probably because Paul was best taken as a flavor in a recipe. You’d bring Paul in, he’d do one line and just kill with that one line. But he was not the central character in a show. They tried a second time with a show called Temperatures Rising; they put him in as the star and called it The New Temperatures Rising. Again, another wreck.

(Everett Collection)

“So Paul had to suffer as a multimillionaire utility player, and one of the things they gave him to make him happy was his own special,” he elaborates. “Because it was Paul, it just couldn’t be the Paul Lynde show; that was too nonspecific. But marrying Paul to Halloween seemed like a good idea, because there was something essentially witchy about Paul Lynde.”

Pop culture historian Geoffrey Mark, author of The Lucy Book, muses, “I firmly believe that if Paul had been straight and deemed more acceptable by the network, this special would have been the beginning of Paul breaking out of sitcom work and finally performing to the level of his talent. The special is highly unusual, but it works because it is just that. He turned the Halloween cliches on their ears and came up with a very interesting program.”

(Everett Collection)

The idea the writers came up with was to dress Paul up as a witch — a concept that became part of the advertising campaign. They also created a world in which they brought aboard famous witches to play his sisters, as he was (as it turned out) part of a family of witches. One of them was Margaret Hamilton, most famous for her portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz (1939); and Billie Hayes, who had recently played Witchipoo on H.R. Pufnstuf.

(Everett Collection)

“And he was going to visit them,” Bruce explains. “We loaded it with guest stars, like Tim Conway, who was huge off of The Carol Burnett ShowRoz Kelly, who played a character on Happy Days named Pinky Tuscadero, who was Fonzie’s girlfriend; Florence Henderson, because she was a star of The Brady Bunch and was a big ABC star; and Betty White, who was on The Mary Tyler Moore Show at the time. And we also had the rock band KISS; they hadn’t been on primetime television before, but their makeup was perfect for the show.”

(Everett Collection)

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Paul Lynde Could Be … Challenging

Cathy points out that Paul was a perfectionist who could become real uptight during rehearsals, though if he relaxed, he could have fun. “Especially if he liked the cast, and he had a stellar one for the Halloween Special,” she opines. “Paul used to tell me how important it was for him to stay in touch with the younger generation, and he drew them in with the band KISS, who sang three hits on the show. Many fans had only heard them on the radio or listened to their albums, but this time they could see them with their unique look, wild makeup, and giant platform boots. Perfect for Halloween. I believe the band has become forever associated with the holiday because of that special.

(Everett Collection)

“I used to call him after every special he did that headlined his name,” she adds, “and I always seemed to be the first call he got after it aired. He sounded happy when I would tell him how much I enjoyed the show and how he performed. But he always said things, like, ‘Well, I hope everyone else liked it, too.’ He was very insecure and, I feel, so underrated.”

(Everett Collection)

In regards to working with Paul — and certainly getting a sense of that insecurity — Bruce summed it up this way: “On one drink, he was hysterical. Two drinks, he was the Nazi High Command; he got very ugly, very fast. I liked him, but you very quickly learned when you needed to have a call and go someplace else. Because he was bitter and unhappy, and it would come out in some very ugly ways. Sober he was kind of dry, not overly happy, and on one glass of wine, he was light and funny. He was a complete pro; he knew what he was doing, but I think he had deep unhappiness because he couldn’t translate his talent into anything more than a flavor. He could be the best friend on screen to Rock Hudson or something, but it just never translated into him carrying a vehicle.


“But the Halloween Special,” Bruce closes, “is fun bad. You have to remember it’s of its time and it was one of those things that was loaded and crazy. And, of course, with Paul at the helm, we could load it up with insanity and they liked that; it’s what they wanted. They wanted KISS and Florence Henderson on the same show [laughs]. The thing is, Paul died in 1981 and if he knew that we were still talking about him in 2020, he would be stunned. Just amazed.”

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special is available on DVD and on Amazon Prime.

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Joanna Cameron, ‘Secrets Of Isis’ Actress, Dies At 70

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  • Actress Joanna Cameron passed away on October 22
  • She was 70 when she died due to complications from a stroke
  • She famously played the hero Andrea Thomas in ‘Secrets of Isis,’ a formative early superhero TV series


Joanna Cameron was reported to have died on October 22, 2021. She was 70 years old when she passed away following complications from a stroke. News of her passing comes from teaching artist and performer Joanna Pang Atkins.

Cameron is most famous for her role as Andrea Thomas, the science teacher-turned-goddess/heroine in Secrets of Isis. Atkins announced Cameron’s passing with a post stating “‘The Mighty Isis’ has flown to heaven” and celebrating the “wonderful lasting experience of making” they shared on the show.

The mighty life of Joanna Cameron

Sad to post that JoAnna Cameron "The Mighty Isis" has flown to heaven. She suffered a stroke and passed away from complications this past Friday. We shared the wonderful lasting experience of making "The Secrets of Isis". May she RIP. photo with BrianCutler

— Joanna Pang Atkins (@JPangAtkins) October 24, 2021

Born on September 20, 1951, Joanna Cameron had turned 70 this autumn. Reportedly, she befriended the daughter of Bob Hope, and this connection helped Cameron get her foot in the door of acting. No matter how it came by, it was indeed Bob Hope who recruited her for a small role in 1969 comedy film, How to Commit Marriage. From there, her credits oscillated between television shows and films such as Marcus Welby, MD, Columbo, and more.

HOW TO COMMIT MARRIAGE, Bob Hope, Tim Matheson, JoAnna Cameron, Jane Wyman
HOW TO COMMIT MARRIAGE, Bob Hope, Tim Matheson, JoAnna Cameron, Jane Wyman, 1969 / Everett Collection

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Then, in 1975, Joanna Cameron became the face of many kids’ ultimate hero thanks to the Saturday morning program Secrets of Isis, originally broadcast simply as Isis. For 22 episodes across two seasons, Cameron had us all invoking, “O mighty Isis!” and fans could enjoy seeing their hero alongside other icons of the time, such as in Shazam!Isis aired back when there were only three networks; thinking back on that time, Cameron stated, “That was an amazing period in time to be on television.”

Creativity and quietness for a hero

Isis, JoAnna Cameron
Isis, JoAnna Cameron, 1975-76 / Everett Collection

Joanna Cameron stayed active during the short but beloved runtime of Isis, including working on commercials, which earned her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for appearing in more ads than any other; that number is 105. Cameron became a hero both in her acting work and after it, stepping away from the limelight in 1980 to instead work as a nurse in the home healthcare industry, a job she stayed with for a decade before getting into marketing for hotels.

#HappyBirthday to #JoannaCameron, best known for portraying the title role on the children's television series #Isis, which was later re-titled as #TheSecretsOfIsis, btd 1951.

— Silver Age Television 📺 (@SilverAgeTV) September 20, 2018

Her impact was profound. After news of her passing spread, tributes poured in. One tweet shows a mural of Cameron’s godly alter-ego, celebrating and remembering the Mighty Isis. Media buff Michael Kronenberg wrote of Cameron, “Primarily known for the Saturday morning show Isis, but I mainly remember as Dick Van Dyke’s assistant in what was a very good COLUMBO episode.”

Another tribute to one of the original Saturday morning heroes, Joanna Cameron as the Mighty Isis
Another tribute to one of the original Saturday morning heroes, Joanna Cameron as the Mighty Isis / Twitter

The page getTV, which primarily celebrates Sony productions, also showcased “she was the first woman star of a live action superhero TV show” in their tribute post. Indeed, superhero movie fans owe a lot to Joanna Cameron, whose Mighty Isis helped pave the way for programs enjoyed to this day. Rest in peace, a true goddess.

Cameron's alter-ego on the show, Andrea Thomas
Cameron’s alter-ego on the show, Andrea Thomas / ©CBS Television/courtesy Everett Collection

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Suzanne Somers Bares Her Legs For Her 75th Birthday Photo

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Suzanne Somers is showing off her amazing legs to celebrate her 75th birthday! Suzanne recently turned 75 and proved that age is just a number. She shared a pantless photo of herself wearing only an oversized sweater.

She captioned the photo, “Thanks for all the birthday love on my 75th! Turning three quarters of a century with love in my life feels great!” This isn’t the first time she has bared some skin on social media.

Suzanne Somers goes pantless for 75th birthday post


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Suzanne Somers (@suzannesomers)

A few years ago, she shared nude photos, covered only by some grass outside, to celebrate her 73rd birthday. She wrote, “Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!” The photo went viral pretty quickly and people had some mixed opinions about it. Suzanne admits that she never thought the photo would go viral but that she was very proud of it.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Suzanne Somers (@suzannesomers)

She said, “Right now, if you said, ‘Suzanne, you can be 24 again,’ I don’t think I would take that. I like it better now. We go out, we dance, I get dressed up. I wear cocktail dresses. I wear high heels. So I don’t think life could be better.”

Suzanne Somers, 1978
Suzanne Somers, 1978. ph: Curt Gunther/TV Guide/courtesy Everett Collection

Suzanne is doing well these days and even creating a reality show with her husband, Alan Hamel, very soon. Suzanne said she has turned down offers for television shows and movies in recent years to focus on her own brand, but the idea of a reality show is enticing.

DANCING WITH THE STARS, (from left): dance partners Tony Dovolani, Suzanne Somers
DANCING WITH THE STARS, (from left): dance partners Tony Dovolani, Suzanne Somers, (Season 20, 2015). photo: Craig Sjodin / ©ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection

Would you watch Suzanne and Alan’s reality television show? They already appear on Facebook Live quite often if you want a glimpse into their daily life!

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‘The Waltons’ Star Richard Thomas Moves To Billionaires’ Row

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From 1972 to 1981, Richard Thomas took up residence on Walton’s Mountain in the quaint, open air of Virginia. Recently, though, John-Boy bought himself a new plot of land to plant his roots in, this time in New Mexico, and with the humble price tag of $1.85 million. For further perspective, the area is often called Billionaires’ Row. It is located in New York, though Thomas himself is typically based in Santa Fe these days.

As of late October, the Waltons calls 180 West 58th St. home, which is located in Alwyn Court, a landmarked area. It went on the market back in 2017 for $2.995 million, and has since taken off about a million from its price tag. The new property is almost as far as it gets from where Thomas grew up in New York years ago. According to New York Post, Brown Harris Stevens’ own Louise Phillips Forbes brokered the listing. Learn more about Thomas’ new home here.

Richard Thomas moves from Walton’s Mountain to Billionaires’ Row

Richard Thomas now lives in Santa Fe's own Billionaires' Row, with his own spacious terra-cotta property
Richard Thomas has a new property in Billionaires’ Row, with his own spacious terra-cotta property / PxHere

The New York property dates back to the pre-war years and is built in a French Renaissance style. The outside is a terra-cotta facade. Stepping inside, the house boasts two bedrooms and two bathrooms illuminated by abundant natural light, soft white walls, and light wood flooring and molding. An entrance gallery preludes a living and dining area warmed by a wood-burning fireplace.

THE WALTONS, (from left): Richard Thomas, Will Geer
THE WALTONS, (from left): Richard Thomas, Will Geer, 1972-81 / Everett Collection

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Bookcases frame this ornate fixture already equipped with all the tools a homeowner could need. But the home comes with more handy utilities in the chef’s kitchen equipped with abundant cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. It’s a return to the modern after Thomas stepped back in time to narrate for the upcoming The Waltons reboot, similar to how Earl Hammer narrated for the original series.

Making a house a home

A typical bedroom features light, neutral colors and sturdy hardwood floors
A typical bedroom features light, neutral colors and sturdy hardwood floors / Pxfuel

Between their hardy good mornings and sentimental group goodnights, the Waltons valued all the things that made a house a home. Feeling comfortable is certainly one of them, and this Billionaires’ Row home isn’t short on comfort. The master bedroom boasts a cozy sitting area with all the tall ceilings and brightness of the rest of the house.

The impressive wood-burning fireplace is framed by bookcases
The impressive wood-burning fireplace is framed by bookcases / PxHere

The pied-à-terre’s hardwood floors give each bedroom a polished look, and many of the moldings are part of the house’s original details. In fact, the property, which dates back to 1909, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Looks like John-Boy made some success for himself, as we always knew he would! Now time for a Waltons family reunion.

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