Sorority Boys

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When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox a few months back, all sorts of different reactions hit the internet. Many were thrilled about the possibility of seeing X-Men and The Fantastic Four join the MCU. There were others, though, who started talking about how this would be the end of R-rated content coming from Fox. This despite the fact that Disney has been releasing R-rated films since 1986 through various subsidiaries they have owned like Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Dimension Films and Miramax. The mouse is no stranger to material that is less than family-friendly. Case in point, this 2002 cross-dressing college comedy, Sorority Boys.

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The film follows three members of the Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity (aka KOK), Dave (Barry Watson), Adam (Micahel Rosenbaum) and Doofer (Harland Williams). These guys are in charge of the social committee for the frat, which means they are the keepers of a large sum of money set aside for a big party on a yacht. However, they get ejected from the house when the money goes missing. The boys are sure the dough was swiped by their rival, Spence (Brady Beyer), but how do they prove it? Well, it turns out the safe the money was kept in was right next to Adam’s bed…and he happens to have a hidden video system set up for, well you know, special occasions. So, to get the tape of the robbery, the boys dress up as girls and try to sneak in to KOK’s next party.

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The plan goes awry, though, when the girls are kicked out of the party for being too ugly. This lands them on the steps of the sorority across the street, Delta Omicron Gamma (or DOG), which is the place where all the outcast girls pledge. Our heroes are taken in with Dave becoming Daisy, Adam now Adina, and Doofer as Roberta. Kind of like in the old Tom Hanks sitcom Bosom Buddies, the guys spend their days as men, attending their classes, but their nights as ladies living in the sorority house. All the while they are plotting how to get the evidence they need to clear their names. Of course, at the same time, Dave starts to fall for the leader of the DOG sorority, Leah (Melissa Sagemiller).

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2002 feels really late in the game for a comedy like this to have been released. I could see this film coming out sometime around 1983, in the aftermath of both Porky’s (81) and Tootsie (82) being hits. Ultimately, the film is really about three dudes that are kind of sucky as men, but turn into much better human beings after living as women for a while. Still, there’s a lot of gross out humor along the way and a lot of things that don’t play well in the #metoo era. From roofies to secret video cameras aimed at beds to dildos being launched through the sorority house windows…it’s all here. Most of it is not terribly funny and just makes the viewer feel uncomfortable. A shower sequence in which a piece of the male anatomy is only slightly concealed by soap suds comes in as the worst offender. While the attempts at crude humor come across as quite labored, there were a fair share of moments that earned some legitimate laughter, though. Like many films before it, Sorority Boys tries too hard to create moments of gross-out humor while not even realizing that its tamer moments are actually succeeding and being somewhat funny.

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However, there is still a degree of heart to this film that makes it not a complete loss. Barry Watson is slightly charming as both Dave and Daisy, and the chemistry he has with Melissa Sagemiller is legit. Michael Rosenbaum is also solid in the jerk-best-friend roll, and I’ve always found Harland Williams’ awkward comedic approach to be quite funny. The three leads also play very well off of the various girls who make up the sorority, which include Heather Matarazzo (of The Princess Diaries and Welcome to the Dollhouse fame).  The girls of DOG are definitely a sort of female riff on the Lambda Lambda Lambda’s of Revenge of the Nerds.  I wish more of the film had centered on them than our three frat boys.

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This is the only film to date directed by Wally Wolodarsky, who’s biggest claim to fame is probably as a writer on a number of well-regarded early episodes of The Simpsons. He’s clearly going for an Animal House type of vibe. Heck, he even cast several vets from the John Landis classic in small parts here. Keep your eyes open for James Daughton, John Vernon, Steven Furst, and Mark Metcalf. Very few of the films inspired by Animal House have managed to tap into what made that film work, and Sorority Boys is no exception. While much of its attempts at humor fizzle, at least it has an appealing cast that keeps it from being a complete drag.


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Forgotten Filmcast Episode 128: Trespass

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On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd is joined by David Brook from Blueprint Review to discuss a 1992 film from the director of The Warriors and the writers of Back to the Future. Bill Paxton, William Sadler, Ice T and Ice Cube star in Trespass.

Download the Show:
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Show Notes:
Blueprint Review
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Movies Discussed:
The Ear
I Wanna Hold Your Hand

“Protofunk” Kevin MacLeod (
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Revisiting Every Epic General Lee Jump

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The Dukes of Hazzard is definitely one of the most memorable and iconic television shows in history. We tuned in to watch the trials of the Duke family ride in the General Lee for six years straight in their hometown of Hazzard County. The last episode aired in 1985, but the show is still remembered as one of the best.

It’s not hard to estimate why The Dukes of Hazzard was so popular with American audiences. My simple answer is Daisy Duke, and of course The General Lee. It was a perfect car highlighted with fantastic camera angles. The editing can’t hide how much these cars get wrecked in some of these jumps!

The General Lee
General Lee – WIkimedia Commons

Some Fun Facts About The General Lee

The suspension of the General Lee sure got a workout! For the jump in the opening credits, the car used actually had a few hundred pounds of cement in the trunk. Apparently the first few jumps they tried failed because the car was too front heavy! The final successful jump covered 82 feet.

The famous car from this television show was a 1969 Dodge Charger. However, they certainly used more that one car. Several sources have stated that the number of Dodge Chargers is upwards of 300! This video below explains the reason that so many cars were destroyed! Enjoy!

Here’s What The Dukes Of Hazzard Family Looks Like 30+ Years Later

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Just In: Carol Lynley, Star Of ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ Dies At Age 77

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It has been reported that actress Carol Lynley, star of The Poseidon Adventure, has passed away at the age of 77. She suffered a heart attack at her home in Pacific Palisades earlier this week, according to her friend, actor Trent Dolan.

While Carol was best known for her role in The Poseidon Adventure, she was also known for Return to Peyton Place, Under the Yum Yum Tree, Bunny Lake Is Missing, The Pleasure Seekers, and The Cardinal. 

carol lynley dead
Carol Lynley / Photo by Barry Peake/Shutterstock

Carol beings her career as a child model. She would appear on the cover of Life magazine at the young age of 15 before going on to star in Disney’s The Light in the Forest and the film Holiday For Lovers. She would soon secure a breakout role in the 1958 Broadway play Blue Denim and its film adaption.

In the film, she plays 15-year-old Janet Willard who tries to figure out how to have an illegal abortion. Of course, with a plot like this, it receives a lot of harsh criticism. Despite this, Carol would go on to earn a nomination for a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 1959.

carol lynley dead
Carol Lynley / Twitter

Carol would go on to star in all the films listed previously. She would also become a television regular. She appears on shows like The Big Valley, Mannix, It Takes a Thief, Night Gallery, The Invaders, Kojak, Hawaii Five-O, and The Night Stalker.

Carol Lynley is survived by her sole child, Jill, whom she had with publicist Michael Selsman. The two were together from 1960 to 1964.

carol lynley dead
Carol Lynley 2019 / Married Biography

We will always remember Carol Lynley for her impeccable talents, especially in The Poseidon Adventure! May she rest in peace.

Check out an old interview with Carol Linley on the set of The Poseidon Adventure below!

Do you remember these classic movies from 1975?

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Blade’s Bike, And More Part Of New Icons & Legends Of Hollywood Auction

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Profile in History’s Icons & Legends of Hollywood Auction will be seeing off a number of costumes, props, miniatures, and mementos from franchise’s past. The founder of Profiles in History is Joseph Maddalena in 1985. Profiles in History owns almost every Guinness World Record for authentic memorabilia actually used on screen.

However, it is also the biggest auctioneer of original Hollywood costumes, props, etc. Over 950 of these goods will be part of the auction on September 25th and 26th. The treasure trove of goods includes many rare finds!

Some of the most iconic items from the Profiles in History auction

Stay Puft Marshmallow Creature Head
Stay Puft Marshmallow Creature Head / Columbia Pictures

These goods that are part of the auction include many beloved films and franchises. Moreover, some of the biggest and most notable items include the following, provided by Syfy:

“Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” creature head/feet from Ghostbusters. The Sean Connery “James Bond 007” Moon Buggy from Diamonds Are Forever. Tom Skerritt’s “Dallas” spacesuit from Alien. David Prowse’s “Darth Vader” screen-used signature mask/helmet from The Empire Strikes Back​​​​​​. A Ghostbusters II ghost trap with pedal. The original “Dragula” coffin dragster from The Munsters and Munster, Go Home!. Wesley Snipes’ “Blade” motorcycle from Blade. A “Dorothy Gale” screen-used black-and-white gingham dress from The Wizard of Oz. The “City Destroyer” spaceship miniature from Independence Day.”

Over 900 items will be part of this auction

Wesley Snipes “Blade” hero motorcycle
Wesley Snipes “Blade” hero motorcycle / Syfy

In conclusion, there is going to be tons more that are part of the auction. Again, that’s well over 900 items. To find out more information, register for the auctioning event, or read through the entire catalog of items, visit the official website!

Check out a Profiles in History auction from last year! The video below features many more film valuables that were part of last year’s auction.

Olivia Newton-John is auctioning off some of her ‘Grease’ costumes for charity. Take a look at what costumes she’ll be auctioning off!

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Studies Show That Mouthwash Cancels Out Key Benefits Of Exercise

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New studies about how mouthwash can affect the benefits of exercise are surfacing and making us all scratch our heads! It turns out that mouthwash can prevent exercise from lowering your blood pressure. This really gives insight into just how important the bacteria living in our mouths really are!

Study author Raul Bescos and his team weren’t interested in studying the effects of mouthwash by itself. Of course, once they realized the multitude of research behind this theory, they were shocked at what they found!

Mouthwash may do away with the benefits of exercise

woman taking mouthwash
Taking mouthwash / Net Doctor

Exercise is known to dilate our blood vessels by getting our bodies to produce more nitric oxide. However, even after we’re done with our workout, our blood pressure remains lower than it used to be for quite a few hours. This is known as post-exercise hypotension. Bescos and his team have a theory that involves the natural microbial environment of our mouths.

Gizmodo explains it best. “A byproduct of nitric oxide, called nitrate, is often gobbled up by certain mouth bacteria. These bacteria then process nitrate into another chemical called nitrite, which is absorbed into the body when we swallow saliva, and some of it is again turned back into nitric oxide. They theorized that this process gets enough nitric oxide back into our bloodstream where it helps keep our blood pressure low.”

The Study

woman exercising on a treadmill
Woman exercising / dLife

This is when they use mouthwash to test out the theory. “We used this approach because we had evidence that it was an effective method to inhibit the activity of oral bacteria, and more particularly the nitrite synthesis in the mouth,” Bescos explains.

The team oversees 23 healthy adults for this experiment. They had the adults run on a treadmill for 30 minutes on 2 different occasions, then had their blood pressure monitored for 2 hours. During those 2 hours, they would take a swig of mouthwash or a placebo.

The data may be worth further studies in other areas

Taking blood pressure
Taking blood pressure / Healthline

People who take the mouthwash find that their blood pressure had not lowered by much. By the two-hour mark, the post-exercise effect disappears completely. In conclusion, it seems to reduce the body’s ability to produce nitrite, brought on by the mouthwash taken.

Going even further, it’s worth giving this study another look. The whole spectrum of this study is much broader than it looks. For example, those with high blood pressure might be more likely to have gum disease. This can affect their oral microbiome. Other research also suggests that mouthwash raises blood pressure in some people after the fact. It’s worth seeing where else this study leads to!

What an interesting study!

A fascinating study says that horns are growing on young people’s skulls from too much phone use!

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