You Know You Grew Up In The 50’s If…

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The 50’s were a charming decade-a time where everything seemed so simple. Food (especially candy), music, and movies used to be so cheap, which meant there was always something fun to do. But If you were still bored, you could just walk on over to your neighbor’s house and see what they were up to. If you grew up in the 50’s, you will remember how true these were.

20. Horse-drawn milk carts…


The milkman had a horse and cart. Yes Ernie really lived… and you WOULD hear the clip clop of his horse and the clink of the bottles on the doorstep as he made his way down your street well before dawn.

19. The Corona Lorry

It came around once a week and your biggest decision was whether to choose root beer or cream soda! And you always kept the bottles to return, as you’d get a penny back on each one!

18. The communal telephone


You had just the one, and it may have been a party line, shared with a neighbor You’d have different numbers, but if you picked up and they were talking, you’d just have to wait to make your call!

17. The Rag And Bone Man


He’d also came round on a horse and cart (yes, just like Steptoe and Son!), ringing a bell so you’d know he was around, and shouting out ‘Any old iron, any old iron?’

16. The Rented TV


Yep, back in the 1950s, the telly was paid for each week up at the Radio Rentals shop, and if you were lucky your mum and dad would change it every year or so for the latest model.



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