What Pop Culture Franchises Will Influence Dog Names In 2017?

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From “Game of Thrones” to “Harry Potter,” pop culture hits influence pet parents to get creative, and names like Arya and Dobby are the inevitable result.

Super Names for Super Pups


The pop culture franchises that typically have the greatest influence on dog names are those with fantastic or inspiring angles, proving that dog parents really love to imagine their furry family members as powerful, magical beings. It makes sense, of course. Dogs bring so much joy and happiness into families’ lives, it’s as if they have superpowers.

The rising popularity of superhero movies over the last decade has led to a significant rise in pets named after characters in superhero movies, particularly for male dogs. Names like Bruce (for Bruce Banner or Bruce Wayne, the alter-egos of the Hulk and Batman, respectively), Loki and Thor appear on Rover’s list of the 100 most popular dog names for 2016.


With “Wonder Woman” earning its fair share of attention in the genre as one of the first major releases with a female protagonist, 2017 may be the year for female dogs to earn some recognition in the superhero name game. Diana, Wonder Woman’s first name, could easily become one of the most popular girl dog names of the year.

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