Wait Until You See What An Empty Can Of Beer Sold For

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Why in the world, would an empty can of  malt liquor beer be worth more than a $1,000?


By Patty Penke (vintagetreasureandmore.com)


It was started with a  lawsuit against the Sunshine Brewing Company-which operated out of Reading Pennsylvania back in the late 1960s. Unfortunately, their was a dispute between Playboy Enterprises and the usage of the trademarked “Playmate” title, so it want to trial and Playboy Enterprises won. So, all cans were ordered destroyed per court order-They never made it to the liquor store shelves, or was advertised. Although, workers at the brewery were ordered to crush all the cans and destroy any “Playmate” labels and signs, around 100 cans were saved, some labels, and a couple of rare signs still exist today.


VintageTreasureAndMore.com (source: Pinterest)

Their were two can variations created by the Sunshine Brewing Company. Both were the same graphics and color the same except one reads, “Beer” with the other one reading “Malt Liquor.” It is the “Beer” variation that is harder to find in good condition.

This is the main reason why this particular labeled beer can is so valuable and sought-after by Breweriana collectors today.

The can shown below, had only a couple of dings in the can.

Photo by eBay user-Geekboy92

A lesson to be learned: Don’t mess around with Hugh and his sexy- bunny dynasty!


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