This Is How Much Some Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys Are Worth Now

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Believe it or not, the original My Little Pony and those beloved Cabbage Patch Kids came into this world 35 years ago. Furbies are close to celebrating their 20th birthday! Feeling old yet? Well, hold onto your beanie babies, this is going to be a wild ride into your past.

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Whether you collected state of the art gadgets or cuddly bears, take a look at these nostalgic dolls and doodads and find out how rich you’d be if you still had them. Hey, if you’re lucky, your parent’s basement may still be harboring some mighty valuable treasures. Enough to pay off that mortgage! Or at least cover a couple runs to Whole Foods.



Remember Teddy? The talking bear with moving eyes and the ability to hypnotize children? He remembers you. And he sells new for up to $400 bucks—but you can be reunited for just $125 here.


Teaching kids to spell rite since 1967, this gem of a toy was for the artistic little ones. An unopened box can be snagged for $150 on eBay right now, but those paper and light refills and bonus pegs will run you $1,151.



Wahaha! You knew these bad boys would be worth something some day, didn’t you? Well, no, not yours, those are trash. But apparently this first edition Princess Diana baby is worth $475,000. Who needs a home when you have this lil’ guy to keep you warm?



Raise your hand if you, like me, are still bitter you never got an American Girl Doll growing up. Well, now is the time for justice. The largest American Girl collection EVER is being sold on eBay for $25,500.



Part candy, part toy, Pez and its playful dispenser are an American classic—but fun fact: they actually originated in Austria. An, even more, fun fact: you can buy a whole lotta’ Pez goodness right here for about $8,000.



While my old barbies are piled naked in a bin somewhere in my parent’s attic, these collector “World” Barbies have been treated liked the queens they are. And they can all be yours for $1,500. Now, if it were a single first edition Barbie—you know the classic black-and-white striped swimsuit—that could reach the $20,000 range.

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