The Ultimate Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter

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When she was 17, Lynda Carter formed a singing group with Gary Burghoff, who played the drums. While Burghoff went on to great fame as Radar O’ Reilly on TV’s M*A*S*H, Carter parlayed her achievement as Miss World to snag the title role in Wonder Woman.

Living up to that role was no mean feat for an actress: The plot line went that Wonder Woman was a princess descended from the mythic Amazon women, and was imbued with certain superpowers. Carter had the physical attributes for the part; she was what was once called a healthy-looking woman.

Decked out in her tiny, patriotic costume, Wonder Woman transformed from her daily persona, that of Diana Prince, by rapidly spinning in a circle. Taking place during World War II, the stories featured Wonder Woman traveling via her invisible plane and wielding her magic lasso as she did weekly battle with the bad guys.

While the movies and TV had seen plenty of righteous superheroes, Wonder Woman was an anomaly. On the one hand, she represented a strong, fully empowered woman who easily overcame her male adversaries. But the show’s creators couldn’t avoid adding a good dose of T&A in selling their heroin

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