The Playboy Mansion: You Won’t Believe The Shocking Rules

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Hugh Hefner has lived a life many guys would give both of their functioning testicles for, but there’s a darker side to the owner of Playboy, a side that requires young girls to do unspeakable things while dressed up as Bunnies – Easter is probably their least favorite holiday now. Here are 14 crazy rules the girls live by on a day-to-day basis.

1. Being the ‘main girlfriend’ isn’t a great job.

The main girlfriend gets the same perks as the other girls but has to share a bed with a human meatloaf.

Daily Telegraph

2. The girls are to be seen more than heard.

When the Hefmeister is giving interviews, the girls need to be quiet probably because a man is speaking and Hef is still living in 1963.


3. They get a weekly clothing allowance.

The girls get a cool $1,000 for clothes every week. Word has it though that they can’t use this money for anything else – you gotta make sure you look pretty for the guy!

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4. If you’re one of Hef’s girlfriends, it’s a full-service job.

You have to be up for bedroom activities whenever Hef’s managed to get his little Hef up for it.


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