The Oliver Twins Tease Glimpse At Cancelled ‘Titan A.E.’ Game

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Titan A.E. is a movie I hold very dear to my heart, and not least because it and the subsequent collapse of Fox Animation Studios were the subject of my disseration at college. For a short period in 2001 Titan A.E. was my life, and I was understandably dissappointed when the video game was cancelled. Very little is actually known about the interactive representation of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman’s animated magnum opus; and until now us Titan A.E. fans (yes, we do exist!) have only had Wikipedia entries to pore over.

Recently though, The Oliver Twins tweeted the image above, showing that various Sony PlayStation demo CDs, PC previews and what look like complete (or near complete) NTSC promos were indeed pressed. The Oliver Twins, as many people will be aware, are more well known for their Dizzy franchise but in 1990 they founded Interactive Studios…which later became Blitz Games – developer of the Titan A.E. game. No further details on the game have been released by The Oliver Twins, but this glimpse at the various demo discs and potentially complete versions at least shows that the game was playable on stock PlayStation hardware. Sadly, my amazing dissertation has been lost to the mists of time (filed in a tutor’s bin, most probably), but if you’d like more information on the fascinating tale of Titan A.E., its all star cast and the subsequent implosion of Fox Animation Studios, check out the Wikipedia article here. Or simply join me in pestering the twins on Twitter until they yield and release screens, video and (ideally) the game itself. Extra points if it includes the original theme song too!

Source: The Oliver Twins on Twitter

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