The Business And Art Of Ice Sculptures

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Have you ever gone to a extravagant party or hotel buffet where there were ice sculptures on display? Like on a banquet table next to the fish bar or a centerpiece at the desserts?

As a kid, I was always awestruck by the beautifully carved, displays of ice. So much so that I would go back for seconds or thirds at the buffets, just to get another glimpse of these detailed works. They have come a long way, since then. What used to be simple ice sculptures are now intricate works of art. Some even masterpieces. And, it’s crazy to think that there are actually international competitions and festivals honoring these talented sculptors. What used to be table-top scaled creations have evolved into glacial size creations.

I used to linger near the sculptures because I was truly fascinated by the intricate details of these impressive creations. I especially loved when the sculptures would begin to thaw out causing a colorful reflection of light within the piece, giving a sense of life. What used to be made with chisels has now incorporated chainsaws and other unidentifiable tools.

There’s even a National Ice Carving Association where you can learn about the prominent snow and ice festivals and events around the world.

Let’s get a glimpse at some of these magical wonders…



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