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In the last six months or so I have become increasingly bored of normal broadcast radio. As a result I have been downloading plenty of podcasts.

The programs that get a regular download are

Hello Internet 
We hate movies
Stuff you should know
Tech Stuff
Hack Circus
Answer me this!
Shift Run Stop

Now the last one in the list is my very favourite at the moment, as I managed to get a name check, I recently sent in my concept Sinclair Mobile phone as I was very impressed with their show and wanted to send something in to them as a thankyou. I have only managed two podcasts and can honestly say how much effort that was for content- so doing 75 is quite a feat.

I would also recommend Hack Circus, this is a project that is run by co-presenter of SRS Leila she has guests that have opened a new world to me about hacking and understanding things in a new way.

So here is a link to podcast- I hope you enjoy it. add it to your podcast thing.

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