School Days Memories Every 80s Kid Can Relate To

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Did you love school or hate it? Whatever your answer is there’s no denying we spent a massive part of our lives at School. Even if you hated it you must have a couple of fond memories of your school days – even if it was just home time! If you started School in the 80s then you are bound to remember a few things from this list.

1. Gym Mats

American Floor Mats

When you were climbing the ropes in gym class, this was your savior when you fell down.

2. National Record of Achievement

Lion Presentation
Back then when you finished school, this was handed to you. What a great trophy for all those years of education.

3. BBC Micro

So many hours playing Witches Garden and learning code. In half a day this thing could draw a whole entire box! Oh, technology…

4. Kicking your day off with one of these delicious breakfast cereals before you headed off to school.


What a nutritious way to start your day!

5. Disclosure Tablets

If you wanted to see which areas of your teeth your weren’t brushing properly, you would chew up, swished one of these. It tasted like a strange mix of toothpaste and candy and it also has reputation for temporarily dying peoples’ teeth pink!

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