Rose Marie, Star On ‘Dick Van Dyke Show,’ Wins Over Twitter At 94

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Today’s must-follow Twitter account belongs to a 94-year-old actress whose 90-year(!) career spans back to the days of Vaudeville, making her one of that era’s last surviving stars.


Though it was probably Rose Marie’s bluntly honest call for Twitter followers that scored her more than 40,000 new ones this week.

Ok kids, I’m 94 now & not sure how much longer I’ll be doing this, so could you do an old broad a favor & ask your friends to follow me? xo

Well kids I am just blown away. 40K new followers I can't believe it. Sure hope I can come up with some interesting tweets for you.

— Rose Marie-Official (@RoseMarie4Real) August 17, 2017

Make the old girl blush-gettin some love from @WilliamShatner-kids if you haven't seen him in BOSTON LEGAL reruns you must-acting perfection

— Rose Marie-Official (@RoseMarie4Real) August 20, 2017

Well, I can tell you it was an absolute DELIGHT doing that show and working with @iammrvandy, @carlreiner and the others.

— Rose Marie-Official (@RoseMarie4Real) August 20, 2017

Marie, a child star on NBC radio in the ’30s, found her most famous role as writer Sally Rogers on the Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960s, though her career includes a role on Broadway as well as dozens of feature films and TV shows. The New York Post recently interviewed her about befriending “Uncle” Al Capone when she was working with Milton Berle at age 10 in a Chicago theater.

Her colorful life and career is the subject of a forthcoming documentary film titled Wait For Your Laugh: The Longest Career in Showbiz History.

For now, she’s been tweeting away about it.

I've been friends with @carlreiner for almost 60 years. His calling me to praise #waitforyourlaugh and my career means a great deal to me.

— Rose Marie-Official (@RoseMarie4Real) August 9, 2017


And we at doyouremember are loving Rose Marie’s tweets!

(Source: Tampa Bay Times)

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