Remember The Day You Learned How To Ride A Bicycle?

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Learning to ride a bicycle brings back such fond memories of my childhood. It was such a special moment I shared with my Father. The experience was full of emotions, simultaneously exciting and frustrating. I was determined to to handle this goal with confidence and ease, but, the struggle to figure out the nuances of bike handling was nothing short of a task. My father held on to the back and ran behind me, until that moment when he let go and I rolled away on my own for the first time. Wow,  what a feeling. I was so proud. And to this day, I can still hear my Dad’s excitement, as he cheered me on. The smile glued to my face at that moment, and for the remainder of the day, was priceless.

This day is one day I still treasure. I bet this little boy will someday feel the same…

Was your first experience of riding a bike as sentimental as mine? Share your story…


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